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Yesterday was Caroline's 8th birthday. It is hard to imagine she came in to our lives  years ago already. How time flies! We had a good day as a family, and we were joined in the evening by some dear friends. I know that C would have had a wonderful time with everyone. But I also know that she was partying in heaven in ways that we can not even imagine. She always manages to send me a gift - for the first time ever (that I am aware of anyway) I saw a beautiful hummingbird in Caroline's flower garden. It was there for only a few minutes, but it was really neat to see. Her garden has turned into a beautiful oasis of color and life. It is always full of butterflies, birds, a fat bumble bees. It has brought me so much joy. Just another gift from Caroline!

Our summer has been a good one, full of ups and downs as always. The kids go back to school on Tuesday. Andrew will be in 7th grade and Ben will be in 5th. And Danielle starts Kindergarten. It is so hard to imagine that my baby will be going to school. She will be in the same class that C (and the boys) were in. Miss Shafer is now Mrs. Cody (congrats!) and she is still just as amazing as ever! D is looking forward to school starting- she has had a countdown on the fridge for weeks! Ben is also excited to get back to school and to see all of his friends. It will be his last year at the elementary school and he is excited to be one of the top dogs in the school. Andrew could care less about school- he is sooooo at that age now. Although I think that secretly he is looking forward to seeing hid friends again and having his Robotics stuff start again, but he won't admit it. He is getting so tall. I only have about 2 inches on him. It will crazy when I have to look up at him!

I am hoping that you all are well and have had a good summer. We send lots of love you all. Many blessings to you and yours!