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Carl’s Story

Greetings from Chip & Doris Stam!
Please join us for BE THE MATCH Stem Cell Drive.
Thanks so much for your interest in keeping up-to-date with my cancer treatment. The support that has come our way (from family, friends, and strangers) has been a terrific display of God's care for us. We are blessed--and so hopeful for full recovery.

In the spring of 2007, I had severe back pain that finally led to my doctor ordering an MRI. They discovered that I had a compression fracture in my back (L3 & L4), which had been brought on by Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma in my spine and ribs. Chemotherapy from August 2007 to January 2008 resulted in the elimination of the cancer. I was in remission for almost a year. We were so thankful to the Lord for the success of the treatment. In January of 2009, a routine PET scan showed a recurrence of the Lymphoma. An aggressive cancer was treated by aggressive chemotherapy (February 16-20 with five days in a row of chemo, and again on March 9-13). I had a stem cell transplant procedure (more chemotherapy and total-body radiation) with a hospital stay of June 1-23. The follow-up PET scan (Sept. 11) has shown two mystery spots. These are either "nothing" or something of concern. I am now waiting for the next PET scan (Nov. 18, 2009) so the doctors can determine what to do next. There may be some more treatment in store for me—either that or the proclamation: "Cancer-free!" We are content to wait.


If anyone wishes, I am happy to put you on the e-mail list to get more regular updates. Just let me know. Most of those will appear on this site under "journal." In Christ's care, trusting Him for grace.