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By Stephanie Moore — Apr 3, 2014 12:57pm
Dear Doris & kiddos (ok, grown-up kiddos),

I think so frequently of Chip. I am surprised how much *still* miss him. Especially in the midst of so many churches fighting so much over worship styles, sound levels, etc etc. I remember Chip saying (when he was at CHBC) that he tried to put in something for everyone in each service and that no one was likely to like 100% of ANY service because of that. He had such godly wisdom!

His candor and insight during his struggle with cancer continue to inspire me. Have you ever considered publishing this caringbridge journal in book form? It would bless a lot of people I think.

Hope you are all doing well. My mom died in Mar 2010 and I still find myself missing her very much when something happens that reminds me of her. I am sure you feel the same about Chip.

In Christ's eternal love,