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Cara’s Story

So, I didn't know how to announce this to all of my friends, and some of you may have noticed my new interest in Lymphoma support. Some of you sent me messages asking if I was ok, and I was more than happy to tell you. Now I figured I would create one of these sites since I have about 10 people asking me to keep them updated on everything, so here we are!

Check out my first journal entry to see how I came to find out that I have Hodgkin's Lymphoma. And thank you all so so so so much for your support. You are making this news so much more manageable and optimistic.

Latest Journal Update

1 year since my first oncologist appt.

So I had a check up/blood work appointment today. As my dr was writing his notes I saw one of the forms I filled out when I first saw him, which was dated June 21! A year ago yesterday was my first oncology appointment! 

So, my blood work was very good, my dr felt no enlarged lymph nodes, and I DIDN'T pass out when I got my port flushed! And the blood came out no problem! (Sometimes the flush will go in but no blood will come out. That's when I start to psychologically freak out and pass out).

I get a regular old CT in Sept and then probably not again for another 6 months, then yearly after that. He wants to do yearly scans for the next 5 years because he thinks scanning too much is unnecessary especially since I was No Evidence of Disease by the halfway point of chemo, I responded well and have a low risk for recurrence. 

I said I want my port out and as soon as my dr comes back into town (sometime in July) we will set up an appointment for that! 

Also, I mentioned how my neck ached sometimes and he said it is probably psychosomatic, which is what I was thinking too. There is no reason for it to hurt.

ok, well I just wanted to do a full update of my appointment on here instead of in a facebook status.

hugs and <3s