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Welcome to Cara's CaringBridge website.  We've created these pages to keep our friends and family updated about Cara's condition and to have a space where messages can be posted.  If you are reading this, you know that Cara has leukemia.  And we know that you are pulling for her! How we got here is in the section called My Story.

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Cara Ryan Collins is 7 years, 10 months old.  She has a twin sister, Tessa Quinn, and a brother, Aidan (MAC to us, since is first name is actually Michael).   Cara is a first grader at Roland Park Elementary and Middle School.  Cara also has Down Syndrome, and is a survivor of open heart surgery, which she had performed at Johns Hopkins Hospital when she was 4 months old. Cara has lots of friends and family.

A few weeks ago, Cara began complaining that it hurt to walk. After a few doctor visits, additional emerging symptoms (red dots all over her chest), and a blood test that revealed an extremely low platelet count, Cara underwent a bone marrow biopsy and spinal tap, which confirmed a diagnosis of acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). ALL is the most common type of leukemia among children and the most treatable.

Good thing she is a fighter!

Cara is enrolled in a Phase III clinical trial at Sinai Hospital. The treatment regime is lengthy -- roughly 3 years -- and there are 5 phases. The vast majority of Cara's treatment will be outpatient, in our home or at the Sinai Clinic.

Please read our journal to keep up with us!


Diane Collins posted a new journal entry.

Well, hello there.  Miss me? I know it has been almost a year since I last wrote.  I haven't forgotten you.  I have been busy, but that is not why you have not been ... Read more

Maribeth Hook signed Cara's Guestbook.

Hey Cara!! I miss you girl friend! I just wanted to tell you that I have been thinking about you, Tess, & Chach lately! I hope you are having fun and stealing away ... Read more

Dave and Suzanne Gaudreau signed Cara's Guestbook.

Good luck on Sunday! Cara, have a blast in your race, already a winner are you.  All are in our prayers, The Gaudreaus Read more

Diane Collins posted a new journal entry, "And I was so proud of myself".

Seriously, it took me like 2 hours to figure out how to load the picture. Woo Hoo.  Unfortunately, I do not know how to create a link to our race site!  If you type in ... Read more

Margee Zemarel signed Cara's Guestbook.

Diane and family, Thank you for sharing the piece with everyone- it was a joy and a tear jerker all at once. Your whole family has been something to witness during this ... Read more

Diane Collins posted a new journal entry.

Let me start by saying thank you, thank you, thank you to all the people who have donated to any charity in Cara's name since her illness was diagnosed.  We know first ... Read more

Lina Markley signed Cara's Guestbook.

Diane, thank you for the update. It was so lovingly written.  Stu and I are keeping you, Cara and your whole family in our prayers. Read more

Aline Hauber signed Cara's Guestbook.

Thank you so very much for your update, I keep reading and re-reading it, nearly in tears (you are such a gifted writer, Diane) amazed by Cara and the strength of your ... Read more

Christy Crain signed Cara's Guestbook.

Hugs to your whole family! So strong and brave. You are in our hearts, sending you lots of love, thoughts of healing and peace. I wish we could do more. Xoxo, The Crains Read more

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