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Cannon’s Story

Welcome to our Cannonball's Page! Cannon Wiggins is so lucky to be loved by so many people that we wanted to create a page for everyone to keep updated on his progress. Cannon is a very special boy and he needs all of your prayers to fight this nasty disease of neuroblastoma cancer.Please pray for our son. He is our world.Facts:

Cannon was born on August 10, 2011
and was diagnosed at 20 months
old on April 19, 2013 with
Stage 4 Neuroblastoma:
Nymc-amplified, poor histology,
COG protocol at Arnold Palmer Children's Hospital, Resection surgery by Dr. Michael Laquaglia at Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital scheduled August 2, 2013
Stem cell transplant after 6 rounds of chemo at CHOP
Proton radiation at CHOP
Antibody therapy completed 4 rounds to date at APH Orlando
Tumor: in abdomen, both legs, armpit - bone marrow and lymph nodes
Prognosis: will cannonball this cancer out and be cancer free

Latest Journal Update

Another Hero

This is Michael.    Things happen in life that sometimes refocus us or turn our attention in different directions.   Although Melissa and I live daily with awareness that we will always fight for children with cancer and continue to fight with Cannon, we too need moments to refocus from time to time.

 Brooke Hester died last Thursday.   She was 8 years old.   She fought stage IV high risk neuroblastoma since age 3 and a half.   Many of you knew and followed Brooke, and because she was a beautiful girl that was diagnosed with the same damned misery of disease as our Cannon, we followed her too.   We got to meet her in the hospitals she treated in in Philadelphia and Grand Rapids.  

 A beautiful life, lost needlessly and unjustly.   cancer in children is wrong.   It is unjust.   It is unnecessary.   Brooke left this world with 70 years of her life taken away because not enough funding exists for research in the world of pediatric cancer disease.    So many dollars poured into adult forms of cancer; so little, comparably, to those 12 types of cancer that strike in our kids.    Wrong, ethically and morally.   Wrong.

 I ask all of you that read this or follow Cannon or anyone else touched in some way by pediatric cancer----Don't ever give up the fight to end the fact that no therapies exist for many types of children's cancer that were developed specifically to fight that cancer, to end the fact that most treatments for babies, infants, toddlers, children and teens is very painful and makes them so ill, and to end the fact that cancer takes the lives of children who never have the chance to grow up and go to high school, drive a car, go to the prom, to college, marry, have children, grow old and hold a grandchild-----how wrong.

Melissa and I and all of you that support Cannonball Kids' cancer will never give up this fight.   Brooke, you are my hero, and all the kids who have ever suffered needlessly because of childhood cancer will always be.    You go high on that mountain.


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Jan Soeldner
By Jan Soeldner
You have our word that we will continue to stand shoulder to shoulder, arms linked, hearts joined in continuing to support Pediatric Cancer awareness till we take our last breath. We "joined" this fight over 30 yrs ago when our daughter, then age 6 was dx with a brain tumor after initially being misdiagnosed for over 7 plus months with a "seizure" disorder...which that too was sadly misdiagnosed. Fast forward our daughter is still with us, blessed with two beautiful grandchildren, married to her soul-mate...but this has come at a "price". A price we wish could have been eased somewhat by other treatments, research, knowledge and hindsight. When first dx there was no chemo for brain cancer patients, initially only CT scans...MRI's were not readily available, whole brain radiation, no focal radiation, no PET scans, surgeries initially were not guided by lazer's or computer's. Our daughter has survived and thrived inspite of 4 neurosurgeries, in numerous DR.s/tests, protocols, treatments, every medication known over these last years, including "orphan" meds, "compassionate" use etc...Today she is still with us but the cost has been high...ongoing seizures "refractory" seizures weekly, sometimes daily, she's currently on 5 anti-seizure meds, yes anything over one or two seizure meds is contraindicated but this is what is now needed because of the fragileness over her life. A "area" of concern still expresses itself on her MRI's...just graduated to a MRI every 6 months after having 2-3 month recall, under the care of a very gifted, knowledgeable and "with it" neuro-oncologist and a very compassionate, gifted and knowledgeable epitologist who is doing everything he can to get her seizure free. This journey has been hampered by the lack of research/funding/rules/insurance and medical lobbyists who continue to over look pediatric cancer research/funding/treatments. Over these 30 plus years too many friends, who we've come to love/embrace as family have had their child's life cut far too short due to this morally and ethically wrong lack of funding. Brooke's life was not in vain...if anything she taught us all so many beautiful things, if anything her fight along with Cannon's, Ava, and all the other kids who so very unfairly have been impacted along with their families and friends who suffer alongside them.. that we become and continue to be more vocal in this quest to eradicate all pediatric cancer and all cancer. Fly high sweet Brooke along with, Oscar, Krystal, Johnny, Ethan, Tuesday, Ellie, Caitlyn, Liam, Heather, this list sadly goes on and on and on... May God bless you Michael and Melissa...we continue to stand alongside and get the word/awareness out there. Hope to meet you both in person someday.
Sue Koslovsky
By Sue Koslovsky
We, too, had followed the journey of Brooke Hester. We were saddened to learn that this little girl lost her fight against the horrible disease, Neuroblastoma. Our granddaughter, Kate Koslovsky, fights every day to survive the not only from this awful disease, but also from the effects of the treatments that are being used to destroy this killer. We continue our prayers for Cannon, Ava, Isabella, Kaden, Aaron, Aiden, and all of those children that continue their fight to live. May GOD hear our prayers and bless all the children and their families with HIS unending love. Love from Kate's grandparents.
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e welk
By e welk
God bless you Brooke, you will be greatly missed...and God bless all children fighting cancer everywhere.
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Marcie Roth
By Marcie Roth
Never give up, never give in!
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