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Welcome to our Cannonball's Page! Cannon Wiggins is so lucky to be loved by so many people that we wanted to create a page for everyone to keep updated on his progress. Cannon is a very special boy and he needs all of your prayers to fight this nasty disease of neuroblastoma cancer.Please pray for our son. He is our world.Facts: Cannon was born on August 10, 2011 and was diagnosed at 20 months old on April 19, 2013 with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma: Nymc-amplified, poor histology, COG protocol at Arnold Palmer Children's Hospital, Resection surgery by Dr. Michael Laquaglia at Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital scheduled August 2, 2013 Current status: about to go to Stem cell transplant after 6 rounds of chemo. Tumor: in abdomen, both legs, armpit - bone marrow and lymph nodes Prognosis: will cannonball this cancer out and be cancer free



A New Day...Who is Ashley VanDerMark

10 hours ago

A New Day... Who is Ashley VanDerMark?

People always ask Michael and I who is Ashley VanDerMark. She wrote me an email this morning and she writes it so eloquently that I don't want to steal her thunder so with her permission I copied it below. I met Ashley at twin club a few months before Cannon was diagnosed. She had a glow about her that just attracts you to her - she spoke at the meeting about a mother who had just had twins and had cancer - I reached out to that mother through Ashley and that was my first encounter with her. The next time I saw Ashley she walked into the fourth floor and saw me with Cannon who 4 days prior was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer . Sometimes God just places people in your life and truly you can't imagine life without them - that's how I feel about Miss Ashley and her family. She has taken on a Cannonball Kids's Cancer like no other and I'm proud to know her.

Note from Ashley:


One year ago today I walked into a small hospital room and fell in love with the beautiful chubby baby in the bed. The baby who was clearly miserable, already poked, cut and in pain... all eyes on Mumma.

One year ago today I met Michael, walking into the room and making a beeline for Cannon, whispering silently in his son's ear, oblivious to the stranger in the room.

One year ago today I met GrannyBel, who embraced me with a hug and a warm smile even though she was clearly weary.

One year ago today I embraced the most beautiful pregnant woman I had ever known... huge and swollen with healthy babies while suiting up for the biggest battle of her life.

One year ago today I came home and couldn't even speak when I walked in the door. The weight of what I had witnessed was so heavy, and it was all I could do to get into the shower. When I got out, my husband was waiting for me, anxious to hear about the visit. One look at my face and he said "It's that bad?". It was at that moment I fell to my knees and began sobbing. "It is so, so much worse", I said.

One year ago today I laid in bed, unable to sleep, praying hard for a family I didn't know. I asked God to use me however He saw fit... and He has.

Had you asked me a year ago what I would be doing right now, I would have never imagined that I would have spent the last year on the inside of this journey with you. We have communicated almost every single day, shared thousands of texts, emails and phone calls.

I'm honored and proud to be the first non-family member of Team Cannonball, and I don't take the faith and trust you have in me lightly whatsoever. Time, tears, blood... whatever you need, you can count on me.

What a year...

Love you both.


It's a new day and Cannon rested during the night which is unusual but wonderful.

Today we will start later around 1pm. I am at the hospital today and will stay until tomorrow evening.

Hard to believe after this week we only have one more one week inpatient stay on May 18 to finish the protocol. OMG!!! That's what's keeping me motivated now - the last mile of the race is getting close.

Cannon continues to defy odds and amaze me. I am truly crazy proud of my hero.

May I ask for prayers for Princeton who has extremely important scans today. We are praying it is not a relapse and that he is stable and well ...

Written by Mumma-Bear
Cannonball Kids' Cancer
Thankful For The Fight
Pray Hard

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