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Welcome to our Cannonball's Page! Cannon Wiggins is so lucky to be loved by so many people that we wanted to create a page for everyone to keep updated on his progress. Cannon is a very special boy and he needs all of your prayers to fight this nasty disease of neuroblastoma cancer.Please pray for our son. He is our world.Facts:

Cannon was born on August 10, 2011
and was diagnosed at 20 months
old on April 19, 2013 with
Stage 4 Neuroblastoma:
Nymc-amplified, poor histology,
COG protocol at Arnold Palmer Children's Hospital, Resection surgery by Dr. Michael Laquaglia at Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital scheduled August 2, 2013
Stem cell transplant after 6 rounds of chemo at CHOP
Proton radiation at CHOP
Antibody therapy completed 4 rounds to date at APH Orlando
Tumor: in abdomen, both legs, armpit - bone marrow and lymph nodes
Prognosis: will cannonball this cancer out and be cancer free


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