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Cannon’s Story

Welcome to our Cannonball's Page! Cannon Wiggins is so lucky to be loved by so many people that we wanted to create a page for everyone to keep updated on his progress. Cannon is a very special boy and he needs all of your prayers to fight this nasty disease of neuroblastoma cancer.Please pray for our son. He is our world.Facts:

Cannon was born on August 10, 2011
and was diagnosed at 20 months
old on April 19, 2013 with
Stage 4 Neuroblastoma:
Nymc-amplified, poor histology,
COG protocol at Arnold Palmer Children's Hospital, Resection surgery by Dr. Michael Laquaglia at Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital scheduled August 2, 2013
Stem cell transplant after 6 rounds of chemo at CHOP
Proton radiation at CHOP
Antibody therapy completed 4 rounds to date at APH Orlando
Tumor: in abdomen, both legs, armpit - bone marrow and lymph nodes
Prognosis: will cannonball this cancer out and be cancer free

Latest Journal Update



You know, there are many forms of commitment. My grandparents pictured here are one illustration.

Married almost 60 years, they witnessed their 32 year old daughter with three young kids be stolen from us by leukemia. She didn't get to fight. She died within two weeks of diagnosis. Before that, they witnessed two of their daughters, including my mother, lose their children; James, age 5 months and Bobbie age 1 year old. Years later, my cousin Charles, their grandson, died in a terrible accident at age 22.

Did I mention that my grandmother is a cancer survivor? Yes, those are my roots! Strong women!

This was my grandparents at the event Sunday. They have gone through many storms and their marriage is intact and strong. 60 years strong. They are committed.

cancer tries to take everything - including our marriages.

I am not saying cancer won't take my marriage, but I'm saying that I'm going to fight like hell that it doesn't. Sometimes when I say I have a date night once a week with my husband, people look at me like I'm crazy and ask how do I manage that? I always joke that a babysitter is cheaper than a divorce lawyer. All joking aside, I love my husband and I want what we have forever. Again, that doesn't mean in 5 years' time I won't be writing back saying I'm getting divorced, but it means I'm doing things to make sure I am with my husband the rest of my days. Look at my grandparents and the trials they have witnessed and look at them here!!!!

Team CKc is like my grandparents - resilient and committed. We may be denied certain grants because we are so new but we get up because we are COMMITTED. We won't ever give up. Period!

This year, our first year as an infant foundation, we will give a $100,000 check to a research project for pediatric brain cancer. As soon as we do, we will start working on our next project - maybe $200,000? Why not, right? Go BIG or go HOME!! Right?

No matter the amount!

We, like my grandparents, are committed!

Like them,

We won't ever, ever give up!

Thank you Jean and Charlie King for being a huge inspiration to me my whole life and being there Sunday. For coming 4000 miles to support your wee first-born granddaughter (I won't say favorite granddaughter or my cousins and sister will kick my butt and I'm smaller than they are, lol).

The moral of the story? CKc is just getting warmed up and as we near the end of our warm up (June 10th is our one year anniversary), we will have funded a project that we believe will help change pediatric brain cancer in honor of Oscar, Cannon's first friend who is forever 5.

Written by Mumma-Bear

Cannonball Kids' cancer


Thankful For The Fight

Pray Hard

330 Days No Evidence of Disease

No Relapse Ever

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emily welk
By Emily Welk
It's clear to see where your strength comes from Melissa! I'm sure you make your dear grandparents so proud!
Dixie Sansom
By Dixie Sansom
Your grandparents and the Wiggins family are inspirations for all of us.