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Thank You!!!!

The HeartBeat5000 was a great success.  We raised almost $2500 for the cardiovascular program at Children's.  Thank you to everyone who donated and/or walked with us.  Cameron was shining down on us today.  Today was a very healing day.  I loved catching up with and even meeting many of our heart friends and some of the staff we worked with at Children's.   Didn't catch everybody though-sorry to those we missed!

Tonight we are attending a wedding reception for one of Cameron's favorite nurses at Mayo and next weekend we will be attending the transplant picnic in Rochester so we should get to connect with many from that part of our heart family.  Such a Cameron-filled day.  We would not know any of these people if it were not for Cameron and his battle.  So many examples of good coming from a very bad illness.

We love you all and thank you for your continued support of our family.
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Bonnie Schulz
By Bonnie Schulz
Not everyone sees the silver lining, thanks for sharing and helping others.
Carol Esterley-Ruff
By Carol Esterley-Ruff
Thanks for this wonderful share, Kari. When it's hard to find good in anything, You and your wonderful family turn it all around with your own caring Hearts. Congratulations for today's success. Enjoy your very full weekend. Sending Prayers for Gratitude and Blessings.