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Cameron’s Story

On August 11, 2011 Cameron Horner dove off a pier into shallow water at White Lake and broke his neck while on vacation with his family.  This was not the first time that Cameron had dove off of the pier, he grew up going to White Lake every summer since the first year he was born.  The water was more shallow this year, and because he sprinted down the pier there was much more force in his dive.  His best friend, Christina North jumped when he dove, and was waiting for him to come up, when he did not she began looking and somehow (she said it was by God's hand) Cameron appeared just at her legs, she touched him thinking he was playing, but said to herself "you are coming out of there."  Christina lifted Cameron out of the water and he told her his neck hurt and he could not feel his legs.  Cameron began immediately Praising God and quoting the scripture "By His Stripes I am Healed" while he was being pulled through the water.  He was transported to New Hanover Hospital in Wilmington, they knew a lot about his faith when he arrived because he asked the ambulance drivers if they knew Jesus and isn't He a cool guy.  Upon arriving at the hospital Cameron spoke the verses Mark 11:22&23, these are verses that contain Faith that moves mountains, and believe and have faith, and anything you ask it will be given to him.  Hours later the family was told that Cameron had broken his neck and had spinal cord injury at the C7 level.  Shocking knews, but his mom remembered the promises of God, By Faith he will be healed.  God commanded the enemy that you cannot  have his life;  It is easy for Me to put Cameron back together.   Cameron was headed to school with a desire to preach and tell others about Jesus.
Cameron is currently at Shepherd Center in Atlanta, which is one of the top rehabilitation centers in the nation, specializing in Spinal Cord Injury.