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My Story

Caleb kicked cancer's butt in 2008 and 2009! You are welcome to follow along as we journey to DC every three months for scans, blood work and xrays, AND as we watch Caleb live life to the fullest. We are grateful to you, our friends for walking beside us along the way.

Calebs story begins in Dec. 2007 when we found blood in his urine, at first just a small amount and then ALOT. His pediatrician did a urinalysis and blood work and nothing showed up. Eventually the bleeding stopped and it was dismissed as a virus. I had no reason to suspect anything else wrong.

On May 15, 2008 I took Caleb in for what I thought was STREP. Maggie, his sister had tested positive and Caleb was now complaining of a sore throat and fever.

Susann Rohrer, CNP examined Caleb thoroughly and the doctors now tell us that she saved his life. Feeling a mass on his right side, another doctor was called in and they quickly sent him for an ultrasound and CT scan. Tests confirmed a tumor in the right kidney and I was told it was Malignant and would require surgery within a few days.

This all happend so fast and unexpectedly that I was stunned and in shock. We started the day with a healthy 4-year old with a sore throat and ended with cancer.

More scans followed the next day in DC which thankfully showed his liver, lungs and other organs to be clean. Surgery followed 3 days later and we spent a week at Childrens. Pathology reports placed Calebs cancer at stage 3 meaning cancer had spread into the tissue and blood vessels around the removed kidney.

Radiation treatments began the following week at Inova Hospital in VA. We spent 9 days there and stayed at the Ronald McDonald house.

Caleb now faces 27 weeks of chemotherapy and scans at Childrens in DC and Rockville,MD



Jul 1, 2012 5:34am

For any of you that got left behind! Head over to my blog and read my latest post about Caleb! Missing some of you who always left comments here on Caring Bridge and would love to hear from you again.



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Thank you for visting this new site for Caleb. He has received over 3,000 cards! Thanks everyone for making him smile and for loving our son. Please don't leave without telling us who you are! We love to read your messages!


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