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In Seattle

Caden and I made it to Seattle this afternoon.  He has labs, CT scan, MIBG injection, and bone marrow procedure tomorrow.  Thursday is the long MIBG scan.  Late Thursday, we'll fly back home.  He has appointments scheduled in Houston next week and Salt Lake City the following week.  The big question is which ones will he be going to.  It all depends on the scan results.  I have no idea which one to pray for, so I simply want whichever treatment is in his best interest and would be most effective for him, but no one knows which treatment that is.  Prayers for easy, uncomplicated procedures and scans, patience during the very difficult time of waiting for results, and peace for whatever the results are are much appreciated.  We'll let you know as soon as we find out.

A big thank you to Helen, Candy, Ellie, and Leslie for watching Camryn while we are gone so Jason can work.

Caden is feeling good!  He had a great birthday and about 110 blood products were collected in his honor.  Thank you to all who made his 6th birthday so special!

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megan buck
By megan buck
Your intention is soooo right - the path will follow suit. You are such amazing people - giving us all strength!!!! Lots and lots of love and prayers from BZN.
susan backstrom
By susan backstrom
praying for wisdom and strength.... keep fighting FC
Cheryl Hanington
By Cheryl & David Hanington
Praying that God will guide you down the best path leading to a lifetime of good health for Caden. May God's blessings bring you strength, patience, and peace.
Michele Chase
By Michele C
Praying for good test reults.
Katherine Condon
By Katherine and Dennnis
Our best wishes are with you for a successful transition to whichever the next steps are. You are all in our prayers and fond thoughts constantly.
Nancy Brill
Many prayers & best wishes being sent your way!
Safe travels wherever this new path takes you.
Always in my thoughts & prayers,
Suzanne Shelpman
By Suzanne Shelpman
Prayers for smooth scans and procedures with great results and decision of next step to be most effective. I'll be waiting with you....sending strength!
Gina Loss
By Gina Loss
Prayers, prayers, prayers!