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Buddy’s Story

At 10AM on Thursday October 7th, Buddy Portugal suffered a massive stroke to the left side of his brain leaving him unable to speak or move the right side of his body.  At 2pm on Tuesday October 19th, he was transferred from Evanston Hospital to the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago where he began an intensive rehab program.  At 10pm on Friday October 22nd, we were back in the ER and ICU due to a very serious infection.  On November 22nd, Buddy passed away after a 47 day battle.

This is his story

Saturday October 9th - 11AM

Yesterday was a tough day for everyone here at the Evanston ICU.  Buddy's ability to operate the right side of his body and speak remains significantly limited.  In addition, the doctors are concerned about the swelling in his brain which leaves us with a few different possibilities that will surface over the next couple days.  Yesterday we brought in an accupuncturist who performed some laser treatments which aims to help break up the clot in his brain and the blockage in his carotid artery.  Buddy had a very long and exhausting day yesterday but had a good, restful night and this morning has been a lot better. He is more responsive and seems to have more energy, we've been playing some good tunes for him and the guys have done a good job of keeping him updated on all the happenings of his favorite Chicago sports teams. 

We remain at the ICU at Evanston hospital and are waiting to meet with his neuroligist at some point.  In the meantime, we have the accupuncturist returning today to perform some more treatments which we believe will help to cut down on further swelling in the brain.  We've been telling him of all the calls, blog posts, emails, texts, stop bys, etc....your support is greatly appreciated by all of us.  Please continue to keep Buddy in your thoughts and prayers and know that he is one strong dude who is doing the best he can to get better.  We will be back online later today or tomorrow morning to update you on any changes.


The Portugal Possee

Friday October 8th

As many of you know Buddy had a stroke on 10/7/10 at about 10:30AM.  Kevin Fitzpatrick and Paul Kachoris responding to a call from Leighton Clark found him on the floor of his office and called Medics who came and administered the right meds.  Buddy is currently in Intensive Care at Evanston Hospital.  

Though he will have work to do to recover speech and mobility, we are pleased to say that when he heard the music from the Jersey Boys' "Oh What a Night" he shimmied his shoulders, kept rhythm with his left hand and clearly lip-synced the words correctly to it. With his tenacity and spirit, we hope he will be dancing in the future. 

We welcome your prayers, love and messages on this website and will see that they are read to him regularly.  Thank you.

Latest Journal Update


Hello All,

I have had a few inquiries about how to view the 47 Days documentary - please note that the video can now be found at:

I hope this finds everyone well, wishing you a nice holiday.