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Bud’s Story

On Wednesday, September 4th Bud was setting up for the Sandy Oktoberfest. He was feeling ill and sat down on the grass. Within a few seconds he collapsed. He was lucky Espy Rubalcava, a nurse, was there and started CPR, reviving him within minutes. The paramedics came and continued and rushed him to Portland Adventist Hospital. Once there, he was taken in for a procedure to find out what was wrong with his heart. He suffered a heart attack due to two blockages and they were able to put stints into both and get his heart working again. He was then put into an induced coma and his body temperature was lowered allowing him at least 24 hours of sedation. Last night he was stable, all of his organs functioning properly, and they were able to begin raising his body temperature and weaning him off of sedation. We are now just waiting for him to wake up.