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Bruce’s Story

Welcome to our CaringBridge site. It has been created to keep friends and family updated about our loved one.

My Story is the introduction to our CaringBridge site.

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Hi all. What a time I have had over the past five weeks. Rather than looking back on what happened, what mistakes were made and what could have been different, I have worked on looking at now and what is next. I'm even tempted to take the rear view mirrors off my car. I am a bad enough driver as it is--so no deal. Today was very eventful for me. This was the first time I have been "up to bat" so to speak. The top of the first lasted five weeks, but today --with my first treatments-- I got to swing the bat. At least now, I'm fighting. Besides our soft water unit breaking a seal and dumping water in the garage all night and, at a separate time, breaking my only reading glasses, the day went as planned. Everyone that I am dealing with now is terrific. Took some Paradise Cookies to the front desk people at Radiology. They were gone by the time I was gone. Off to Tucson for my 2nd session. After some feel good meds , I turned into Robert Palmer and sang "Dr, Dr give me the news "Everyone got a laugh. Treatment went well and Linda and I are back home now. She is a Saint. Love and good thoughts to all... Bruce

PS Thanks so much for the great response of love and friendship to me and family. I'll update soon.


Latest Journal Update


We hope this entry finds you all doing well and enjoying the beginning of summer.  The Snyder family is doing well and taking each day one at a time.  It has been a difficult journey so far, but we are strong women and continue to live, laugh and love as dad always wanted.
As of June 1, our family will be creating a printed book of this CaringBridge site.  This was such a therapeutic, uplifting and essential tool for dad while he fought his courageous battle.  We are making this book so that we will always have his inspiring words and quirky sense of humor at our fingertips.
We also look forward to having your encouraging words and memorable stories included in this book.  With each of your guestbook entries, you gave our family comfort.  We will always be grateful for your support and for putting a smile on our dad's face during those difficult days.
So, if there is anything else that you would like to share on this CaringBridge site, please be sure to do so before June 1st.
With lots of love,
Linda, Jennifer, Tracy and Paige (and Ella)