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Bruce’s Story

Welcome to our CaringBridge site. We've created it to keep friends and family updated. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement during this time when it matters mos

After going to the Doctor for some stomach pain Dr. Herseth ordered Bruce a variety of  test, ultimately resulting in a biopsy of of his liver,  Results came in and Thursday June 7th, and was informed he had cancer.  Rochester called andhe was given an appointment for June 18th.   Wednesday June 13, he was in still getting no pain relief, and off to Rochester we went. It was an uncomfortably long ride for Bruce.  We went straight to the ER, after 6 more hours we left,and  finally checked into the hotel. The rest of the night was no sleep he paced or tried to sleep sitting up. 

Thursday June 13 was yet another sleepless pain filled night.  But he was quiet in his complaints and at 2:17 pm, he and the love of his life Clare, were married in a beautiful ceremony at the Rochester Government Building by a Justice of the Peace  The message said by the J.O.P was touching, the couple very happy, the weather perfect and it only took 4 minutes!!!  

I had multiple roles, I was the wedding planner, singer, maid of honor, family of the groom, coat attendant, photographer and personal driver. It was a very memorable day.  As we walked back to the vehicle I said oh my gosh look at all the people at your wedding this parking lot is packed hehehe so I pull out of my spot and oops maybe decided to make a quick lane change, and got a couple horns blowing at me, Bruce in his ever witty ways said...."Yep Clare,we even get  horns blowing as we drive through town"!!! We have many, more stories and laughs about the wedding day and me sharing their honeymoon with them!   This day was important to both Clare and Bruce and they  have wanted too do this for some time but they weren't in a hurry it was already perfect! Being the "witness" I now know the true meaning of that word in a whole new light because I witnessed so much love between them  and  it only shows that it is love that makes a wedding not the fan fare. I am not going to start at day one down here and go through all that, and I apologize, however I have tried to keep it updated on facebook. I will begin today and welcome you to join in the journey. I also want to express to any English and Grammar teachers out there.....be prepared, I sometimes speaks and spell, Scandinavian mixed with Redneck and add a spit of hillbilly french!!!!! 

On behalf of the family we thank you for the love, kind words, and messages thus far.  Your prayers and encouragement and positive messages means the world to us.  Please leave Bruce a message, a joke or a fun memory..cause he has probably shared one about you!!!! hehehehee   

Latest Journal Update


I can't say Thank you enough, and I think my whole family can agree.  This summer was so unexpected, and so life changing.  It's so hard not to be mad at God, but at the same time be so thankful he took the best angel out there.  All the messages, phone calls, texts, letters and just a simply kind word have meant a lot. 

The last time I was alone with Dad was Feb of 2012 when WHS came to Duluth for hockey.  I had to pick Dad up in Proctor at the hotel and take him to Gander mountain for new ice fishing jigs.  The net day (Sun) he was going ice fishing with some buds.  We then went to Northwest Outlet where he bought new gloves, he couldn't believe the price, haha.  Not cheap, but he told me the next day they were worth it. I so wish we could do that every other year, like we used to when his team came to town.

I miss you Dad, every day, every second, every hour.  Watch over us, and help us keep our heads up. 

I love you, and miss you.  Oakley reminds me of you every single day.  John is sure that he is going to be a hockey player like Papa.


Love you Love you...Thank you for being near me this summer when I've needed it, please don't stop