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  • XoXO

    Written Aug 26, 2012 1:46pm by kristie north

    I can't say Thank you enough, and I think my whole family can agree.  This summer was so unexpected, and so life changing.  It's so hard not to be mad at God, but at the same time be so thankful he took the best angel out there.  All the messages, phone calls, texts, letters and just a simply kind word have meant a lot. 

    The last time I was alone with Dad was Feb of 2012 when WHS came to Duluth for hockey.  I had to pick Dad up in Proctor at the hotel and take him to Gander mountain for new ice fishing jigs.  The net day (Sun) he was going ice fishing with some buds.  We then went to Northwest Outlet where he bought new gloves, he couldn't believe the price, haha.  Not cheap, but he told me the next day they were worth it. I so wish we could do that every other year, like we used to when his team came to town.

    I miss you Dad, every day, every second, every hour.  Watch over us, and help us keep our heads up. 

    I love you, and miss you.  Oakley reminds me of you every single day.  John is sure that he is going to be a hockey player like Papa.


    Love you Love you...Thank you for being near me this summer when I've needed it, please don't stop


  • Thank You

    Written Aug 26, 2012 12:04pm by Sheldon Olson

    I am a very proud person. I'm proud that my Dad was who he was. He didn't change for anyone. He had his faults like all of us do but he was committed to what he believed in. He always gave an honest effort in everything that he did, he didn't hold back. He was a true person. He bled green and white, black and gold...not many people can do that. I am very proud of that.

    I always knew that he was a special person but I had no idea how for that extended until now. Caring bridge is an amazing place, I can't explain how much of an asset it has been to me. I am very proud that my Dad was able to have an effect on so many lives. Thanks to all of you for your kindness, its amazing.

    Be true to yourself, you are who you are, have no regrets.

    Thank You
  • "Team Olson"...forever

    Written Aug 25, 2012 12:11pm by Deaune Cole

    Keeping our heads up.......a thankful and  heartfelt farewell!

    It has been a roller coaster summer.  Emotions of every kind have 
    been a part of our daily lives, highs are high and lows are beyond low!
    The hurt is still stronger now than ever before, the loss of Bruce has been
    at times unbearable for all!

    People have been so supportive, amazing and wonderful.  
    This has helped us all so much.
    We have witnessed so many random acts of kindness that
    words cannot even begin to express our grattitude to everyone of you!

    The golf benefit scramble was a success beyond anything the family or committee
    could have ever wished for!  The turnout in golfers, donations, volunteers
    and genuine support was impressive to say the least!  But the best part was the 
    fellowship and fun by all those near and dear to Bruce. Of course  there were
    pleanty of Bruceisms and Oleisms and it wouldn't have been a day honoring Bruce
    if there was not good laughs and great food!

    The "Rat Pack" painted the House for Clare, something Bruce had promised Clare
    would get done.....after his golfer was done at state. A neighbor graciously
    painted inside the house for Clare...another "to do" project Bruce was going to 
    get to....after hockey season and golf season!  Another neighbor and friend 
    painted shutters.  A best friend of Bruce's planted tree's Clare got as memorials, 
    and Clare's sisters held their "annual sister weekend" doing landscaping,
     planting the many lovely plants and shrubs recieved as memorials.
    The place looks amazing....Bruce, you would love it, but if he were here
    it would have been more fun, and more of an event!!! We all missed him but knew in spirit he
    was with us....most likely shaking his head saying.....you should be 
    out fishing!

    Daughter Kristie's Vow Ceremony was a very special and heartfelt day for her
    and John, it is was something she wasn't going to do since her Dad wasn't
    going to be there but her Mom, sister and brother wouldn't let that happen
    because they new Bruce would want absolutely want for her and insist she have that special day!
    He was there, we all felt his love surround us.  Again there was a void and an absence
    but once again his Bruceisms and Oleisms got us through it and it will be 
    something Kristie will have in her heart to cherish forever! 

    This has been a journey we wouldn't wish on anyone, but because there 
    have been wonderful people like each one of you, this journey has been 
    manageable!  Our hearts still feel empty and hurt but with time and with 
    the endless, unselfish, love and support of each other and all of you
    we are taking it one day at a time.  We lean on each other and each other
    is all we have left of Bruce so we need to hold on tight!

    As the author of this caringbridge site, I want to specially thank everyone and to 
    the Caringbridge sponcers for allowing us this venue for communications. It is
    a wonderful service you offer and I hope others will appreciate it as we all have.

    I think the time has come to say farewell to all of you, we are going to continue on in our lives, with 
    Bruce's love in our hearts.  He gave us so much, and will forever be missed.  The loss
    has been huge but you all have made each day without him with us a little easier to bear.
    Thank you for being with us, holding us up when we couldn't hold on, for showing
    us that we were not the only ones that knew how great a man he was.  Thank you
    for ALL your generous words, hugs, love, and kindness..........
    and remember....
    "Put your line in the water and fish" (and he did and loved it)
    "You only live once" (and he did it well)
     You have to play the hand you were dealt! (and he did, his way)
    Keep your stick on the ice" (and he did) last but not least, 
    from all if us to all of you Bruceism #1..."KEEP YOUR HEAD
    UP. DON:T LOOK BACK!!!!!  
    "Team Olson" will live on forever in our hearts....R.I.P Coach!
    R.I.P ...Husband, Dad, Son, Brother, Unlce, Nephew, and Friend!
    Always loved, never forgotten! 

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