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Well I got on here today to ask everyone to pray for Brooke for her scans today and I see that I never updated with the good news of her last scans back in April.  Two months ago her scans showed that her tumor had gotten smaller!  So it seems that between the trial she did in Boston and the one she is currently on at CHOP that something is working.  I have not heard anything from Texas Childrens yet so I have no idea when they will be ready for Brooke there and if she will even still go or if she will just stay on this trial.  We will cross that bridge when we come to it.  This trial has been a difficult one in some ways.  She isn't pukey which is great but it is a lot of time at the hospital.  She's been needing about 4 transfusion each cycle and has been admitted 4 times for neutrapenic fevers.  She is in the 4th cycle of this trial now and getting MIBG scan right now.  She will have a bone marrow biopsy tomorrow morning.  Please pray that this trial continues to work for her and keeps shrinking her tumor or at least remains stable.  Please pray for our friend Julian whose scans last week showed massive progression.
In other news for us, I am getting ready to list our home in Salisbury and move to NJ to be closer to CHOP and family.  I have been spending the majority of my time (between hospital stays and appointments) working around the house and preparing for the big downsize.  I'm hoping it will be a smooth transition for us but we will miss Salisbury so much.  The entire community has been so supportive the past 5 1/2 years and I can't imagine Brooke anywhere but Salisbury Christian School.  Well before I get all emotional, Brooke is calling me over to sit with her so I will update with scan results when I know something.  
With love and hope,
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Peg  Bauer
By Peg Bauer
You must continue to make the choices that are best for Brooke they have worked so will always have the love an support of YOUR community, Salisbury no matter where you live
Rob Shaw
By Rob Shaw
Thank you for the update and the positive news Amy! So glad to hear Brooke is making progress. We will continue to pray for you both ardently! Good luck with the big move as well. Julian and his family will also be in our thoughts now.
Marianne Patterson
By Marianne
This is wonderful news! We'll continue to pray for healing and strength. May God be glorified in all He is doing!
Lee Watson
By Lee Watson
I believe we serve a mighty and caring God... Continued prayers for healing and for God's loving grace upon you, Brooke, and all those fighting so hard.
Jody Geraldson
By Jody Geraldson
My prayers are always with hope and faith that our Lord Jesus will continue to bless Brooke's scans and the updates to be more and more positive. I am so glad to hear the latest scan results have been good news. Never loose hope! Love to you both as you go into the burden of moving. May God give you strength and comfort with each days tasks. Thanks for taking the time to send out this update, Amy. You are so faithful to keep us informed.
Kate Kuennen
By Kate Kuennen
Brook, and you, are in my prayers daily. Thanks for the update and the good news!
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Phyllis Oldham
By Phyllis Oldham
Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with you. You are fighting an amazing fight. I can't tell you how much I admire you. Good luck and God speed as you continue this journey.
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Carolyn  Lewis
By Carolyn Lewis
We will lift Brooke up in our prayers and also you. What a road you have traveled in the last 5 1/2 years and we pray that this trial will continue to shrink the lesions and hopefully put her in permanent remission. She is such a trooper and has had a great coach. We will be sorry to see you leave, but since you have family in NJ and it is near CHOPS we can certainly understand. May God's peace be with you both and may his love and word sustain you.
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Lorraine Golding
By Lorraine Golding
Amy, you and Brooke in my prayers that the tumor continues to shrink and
today's scan shows more improvement. Thanks for the update, I know how
busy you are and the emotion it takes to write us all.

Love, Lorraine
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Gregg Holland
By Gregg Holland
Will continue to pray for Brooke! And A pray for you Amy.
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