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brooke’s Story

Brooke is currently 29 months Post unrelated cordblood transplant- Thanks for checking in on us,Brooke loves for me to read the guestbook entries to her!

Brooke was diagnosed 2 days before her 3rd birthday with Pre-B ALL on Jan 17th,2006.She completed her 2.5 yr chemo treatment on May 9,2008,relapsed June 10,2008.She received a gift of a unrelated cord blood transplant on December 9,2008.

Back in June of 2005, she had a febreil seizure,then she kept having ear infection continously,she was in daycare at the time.We kept taking her back to the docter and they would give her antibotics.December 25th,she wasn't up to opening presents.She was getting fevers.We took her to ER they gave her tylenol w/ codeine and sent us home,and said to finish her antibiotics she was already given.January 16th,2006,I was called to pick her up from daycare.She was pale,no energy,complaining that her legs were hurting couldn't walk,fevers,little red spots under her skin(petechies).We got an appointment with an after hours pediatrician she has never seen.He did a finger poke.Her blood level was a 4,put her on oxygen she was having trouble breathing,we were taken by ambulance to the hospital and went straight to PICU.After several tests,she was diagnosed with Leukemia,On January 17th,2006,I was 7 months pregnant.She completed her protocol for her chemo treatments on May 9th,2008.Her Bone marrow test showed 4% questionable cells.We followed up on June 10th the day after my birthday we received the call that she had relapsed we were told when we were ready to face it to come in,we were admitted the next day for another more intense treatment plan that really took a toll on her body she developed a fungal infection on her organs she had high fevers for over a month straight and also during her treatment was sent to PICU  over her treatment for non stop bleeding from both ends where it couldn't be controlled and she was not responding we thought we lost her, but she pulled through,after many complications she made it to receive her Bone Marrow transplant on December 9th 2008.We had a 3 month stay in the transplant unit.
During transplant she had GVHD of the skin,BK Virus,Bloody Urine,Hemoratisits(sp?) of the bladder,enlarged kidneys,stints placed to prevent blockage from the kidneys to bladder.
High potassium,Liver issues,Infection in Broviac had to be removed new port placed.In August of 2009 She developed GVHD of her Liver biospy confirmed.Immunosuppress drugs started back with steroids,cellcept added,tacrolimus.
December 2009 1 year followup showed 100% Donor cells,no sign of cancer-
Currently being weaned off of steroids,and cellcept,tacrolimus(immunosuppress drugs)

Latest Journal Update


Hello everyone,

Wow it has been a long time since I updated,sorry...

Today is Brooke's 3 year anniversary since transplant.

She is doing great,her recent clinic visit went well and we don't go back for 3 months.

She is doing good,just struggling with reading trying to get her caught up she seems to be picking it up.

Thank you to everyone that has been there for us through everything and helped us make it through it.

Hailey is doing great, she is loving school.

Take care,

Thanks for checking on us,