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Continued Prayers Appreicated!!

Although Brooke felt MUCH better yesterday, she remains hospitalized and under very close monitoring.  We received confirmation from her doctor that her blood cultures are positive for an aggressive bacteria, common to hospital settings, called pseudamonas.  It is the same one that put her inpatient for two weeks at Cook Children's last spring for the tiny scratch on her wrist, but it was not systemic.  Because it has been found from her blood draw in the Emergency Room this time (which takes 24-48 hours to grow and detect), the double IV antibiotics continue for her along with fluids around the clock.  

Her last chemo finished yesterday and we know that her immunity counts are still dropping so Please pray for our Brooke as her body is facing this turmoil.  The home oncologist feels her eyelid and disposition are both improving and that may be a sign her current antibiotics are working but each day will draw blood cultures on Brooke until they come back negative two days in a row.  We are grateful she feels better and has had no fever as these are good signs for her recovery.  

Because her immune system is so low, she is unable to have visitors at this time, and any notes or items brought into the room must be carefully sanitized as we definitely don't want her to pick up any additional germs while fighting this if at all possible.  Any messages or emails or videos we will try to share with her and most importantly we appreciate all of the love and prayers as she continues to battle on many fronts.  

Here is a special video "Magic Show" from Brooke to you: Prayin' for Brooke.  She told us she hopes it will get 1,000 thumbs up ;) 
"and don't forget...." she says during the video, "to tell your parents about this video!"
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Linda Kemper
By Linda Kemper
Thoughts and prayers for our hero Brooke and family.!!
1 person hearted this
Lynnett Jankuski
By Devin/Lynnett Jankuski
Love your magic show & love you!!!!
God Bless you always,
Becky Pulley
By Becky Pulley
I loved your magic show & that you mom is the most beautiful lady. You are so sweet and very much loved. Hugs & prayers from North Carolina
rosalinda mancha
brooke, I LOVE YOUR Magic show! Please post some more magic shows, they make me & my husband happy to see you perform. Next time you are in San sntonio, & I'LL Make Reservations FOR YOU & your family to go to the children's Magik Theater. Ok? So we will keep on praying you get all better quickly.
Amy Callahan
By Callahan Family
Beautiful show, Beautiful Girl! Praying for a fast recovery from infection! Love from NC.
Joyce Nosker
By Joyce Nosker
What a sweetie. I can tell Brooke must be feeling better. I liked her magic show with the magic behind the scene bubbles. Keep on making "shows" for everyone to show us your creativity and sweetness.
Praying for the blood cultures for 2 days to soon show no growth!
Gayl Elam
By Gayl Elam

What a vibrant precious girl you are. I enjoyed your magic show!
Sending Prayers and Hugs to you and your family from Indiana
C.O.L.E.'s Foundation
(Caring Openly, Loving Eternally)
Sarah Gouzoules
By Sarah Gouzoules
Wow Brooke!! Your magic is fantastic!!! I hope you are feeling better. Sarah C.O.L.E'S Prayer Team
Diane Santino
By Diane Santino
Brooke, you are the greatest magician! I can't believe how you did that!!!!
1 person hearted this
Barbara Whipple
By Barbara Whipple
Update in out she is too funny what a personality, sure doesn't act like she is sick a real fighter loved the magic show two thumbs up from me.
God Bless