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Brittany’s Story

Thank you in advance for your support.  Please note that any donations made in TRIBUTE to Brittany through Caring Bridge ONLY goes to the support of their website and not to Brittany. So if you would like to personally help Brit Brit and her family please, donate to The Brittany Meredith T.B.I. Foundation Wells Fargo. Acct#1010287331947 RT#061000227 THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR KINDNESS AND PRAYERS......THE MEREDITH-GARRETT-JOHNSON FAMILY....Hello, my name is Brittany but everyone calls me ”Brit Brit” for short. I'm 19 years old and from Columbus, GA. I am an easy going, fun-loving person.  I love children and people.  I attend Revelation Missionary Baptist Church.  I graduated from Hardaway High School in 2011.  My senior year was a good year.  I was homecoming queen and I really appreciated my classmates and all the students that elected me. During my high school years I volunteered at Boys and Girls Club of Columbus Georgia. The following year I was employed there as a JR. Staff member which made my love for mentoring children even stronger. I was also employed at Chuckee Cheese my final two years of high school. After high school I was accepted to the University of West Georgia and began attending there fall of 2011. My ultimate goal is to become a Sports News Broadcaster... I know that God has even bigger plans for me...

A week from now I would  be starting my sophomore year of college. On the morning of August 13, 2012 my life changed forever. My friend Kamille and I were traveling from Columbus to Douglasville to my job interview. While going through Carrolton we were struck from behind by a driver whom was traveling at a high rate of speed. The impact pushed the trunk of my car completely into my front seats. In addition, the impact caused the frame of the car to strike me in the back of my head causing severe brain trauma. In order to save my life the doctors had to perform a craniectomy, a procedure where part of my skull had to be removed to allow my brain enough room to swell. As of now  I am in a coma and on life support and fighting every second for my life. I believe God has a plan for every one of us. I believe He saved my life so I can be a testimony of his love, power, strength and His grace.  Through the power of prayer and faith anything is possible. So if you have friends, loved ones or anyone in general that likes to talk and text let what happened to me be a reminder to them of the dangers of talking and texting while behind the wheel of a car. I'm hoping that my story can help save someones life one day by making them think twice before using their cellphone while driving.

In support of my family and me, the Brittany 'Brit' Meredith Trust Fund has been set up at Wells Fargo Bank. Please visit any Wells Fargo location to donate to this fund. The fund was established to give the family financial support with travel, lodging and food during this difficult and trying time. Please reference account number 1765019706. If you would like to donate funds electronically, please reference routing number 061000227.

I would like to thank everyone, my family, friends, church family, classmates and even people I don't know for their love, prayers and support. Also I thank the team of medical doctors and nurses who are taking great care of me. Most of all thank you God!  You are such an awesome God! I'm Brit Brit and I thank you for reading my story. :)