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We wanted to put a BIG thank you out there to all that attended Britney's fundraiser. Once again, without the support from family, friends, and the community we would not be where we are today. This takes a hugh burden off of our shoulders. It is hard to put into words what you all mean to us unless you are put in a situation like we are...(I would never wish this on my worst enemy though!!!) I really would liked to have been there to tell everyone thank you, but Britney is too fragile to leave and needs my constant attention. My place was with her and I hope everyone understands that. The rest of the family was there and they said they were very overwhelmed with all the support and love:) Thank you. I know many people have been asking for updates on Britney, but it is very hard to give updates when she is declining in health everyday. So, here is a little update, even though it is not good news.....and it is just "some" of what we deal with daily.... Britney is now totally bedridden and does not open her eyes anymore. She very seldom can communicate with one word answers and those are usually very confusing. I wake, or try to, to feed, medicate, and change her. There are times when I cannot wake her which means she does not get fed or her medicine. She does seem to be in much less pain then she was. She has also had a few fevers which we have been able to control so far. I think we have finally found a happy medium for her pain medication. Hospice RN's do come everyday to check her vitals. We are doing our very best to take care of our sweet Britney and love her to the moon and back!!! So, again, thank you all for everything you are all doing.....there is no way to thank everyone by name so please just know we are very greatful to everyone for everything they have done, or will continue to do for our family. Much love, The Kleikamps