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First of all, a big THANK YOU to Integrated First Respond, Great Lakes Ambulance and Andy Hay.  When we left St. Vincent Hospital  yesterday afternoon and pulled out onto Mason Ave., we noticed an ambulance behind us. It was IFR from Iron Mountain. A quick text and phone call to Andy Hay and they followed us all the way home and helped us get Britney into the house with their 3 paramedics and cart. Words cannot express the amount of gratitude in our hearts at that moment when they helped get our daughter into the house in the least amount of pain possible. THANK YOU again!

We ended coming home last night from St. Vincent Hospital after being there since Monday. The Drs. did NOT find any broken vertebrae's in Britney's' back....I think they were as much amazed  as we were. She was in a considerable amount of pain on Monday after hurting her back trying to get in the car. So, once the MRI came back showing no fractures it was then time to focus on pain management. Britney ended up getting a PICC line and after trying a few different pain meds the Drs. were able to send her home with an IV with minimal pain in her back.  She also gets injections into the IV every 4 hours for her breathing. Hospice was able to get Britney hooked up to oxygen today. We are hoping this will help with her breathing problems. They were doing breathing treatments every 6 hrs. on Brit while in the hospital with a nebulizer, however, you cannot do those treatments at home so hoping the oxygen helps her relax some. We weren't sure how she would feel coming home to a hospital bed but she has been in it ever since with no complaints. We are going day by day now trying to do the best we can taking care of Britney. Green Bay Oncology will also be doing home visits 1x a week now so that we don't have to haul Britney anywhere. Hospice will be coming in pretty much every day to check on Brit too. Again, thank you for all the love and support.