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Today is Thursday and we are still at St. Vincent Hospital....The Drs. are doing very well at managing Britneys' pain. They have her on a 100 mcg Fentanyl IV drip with a button she can push every 8 minutes to deliver another 25 mcg if needed. Her back pain is under control!!!!  They also tried Ativan (for anxiety) pills to help with Brits breathing issues... We didn't see much improvement after the first dose. We actually lucked out as Brit had just gotten up to potty (which is when her breathing gets alot worse) and the Dr. walked in and got to see Brit struggling to breath and hyper ventilating and her hands and feet started to go numb so she changed the Ativan to IV and it worked!!!! She can now breath comfortably. She has been very "chatty" and awake the last few days. However, starting early lastnight she started slowing down quite considerably. Her speech is slerd and she is sleeping ALL the time now again. We wake her for medicine and she is very confused. The Drs backed down on the Ativan some hoping it was maybe from that but we have seen any improvement with the sleepiness. There is not a definate way to prove if it is from the tumor but her symptoms are exactly like they were when she was having her seizure. The difference is she is no longer in pain and she can now breath with ease so I will take the sleeping all day over the extreme pain and difficulty breathing she had earlier in the week. It is very difficult to watch our sweet girl suffer like this....The Drs today put a PICC line (IV) in her right bicep so that they can send her home with the two IV meds. She is also getting a Fentanyl nebulizer treatment every 6 hours to trick the brain into thinking she is breathing ok...all seem to be very effective. The nurses are no longer able to draw blood and get IVs started as her veins are just too fragile now. They will be able to use the PICC for bloodwork and her meds so no more needles!!!!  The plan is to be able to go home tomorrow! The hospital is coordinating with Hospice to be at the house when we get home with a hospital bed, meds, and whatever else we will need to maintain our girl.  Again, thank you for all your support.