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Well, yesterday Britney was finally feeling more like herself than she has in the last 3 months. We don't know if it was the back procedure to repair the fractured vertebraes or the new pain meds they started her on Thursday night or a combination of both. Starting Friday Brit seemed to have less back pain (After a day from hell on Thursday) and she was actually awake and able to talk with us more than she has been. By Saturday and Sunday she stayed awake most of the day and could talk more easily.By Monday she was watching alittle tv and was choosing the shows. Later in the day as she sat down in the car (which is much lower than the recliner she sleeps in) she felt her spine pop....she was in immediate pain and we struggled to get her back in the house.  I called Green Bay Oncology immediately to let them know what had happened and they had us drive down to St. Vincent hospital for another direct admit to schedule another back MRI to see if she has more fractures in her back. They have her on an IV drip pain med with a button to push when she feels she needs more. She can push it every 8 minutes to deliver more. She is scheduled for a head xray at 12:40 then the MRI at 1:00. She will have the vertebraes repaired while sedated if there are any and will also do another head xray to verify that her setting on her adjustable shunt has not moved. We will meet with Susan who Is from Dr. Griffitts office once the procedure is done. (He is the Dr. who saved her life when she was airlifed by putting in the shunt). So, keep us in your thoughts as we hope Britney will get some much needed relief from her back pain again. We will then have to think about what we are going to do when it comes time to go to appointments if her vertebraes can fracture by just sitting down in a car----with all our love and thank you for all of the support......The Kleikamps