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I sit here with much sadness in my heart trying to determine what to write so that friends and family know where we stand with Britney's treatment(s).  After receiving a call yesterday that we could not do the Vertebroplasty (repairing the back fractures) we received another call that we could. So, at 10:30 am we headed to DCMH to have Britney sedated and do the procedure.  The Drs. were able to repair the T6 & T7 fractures as they were the newest fractures.  The T12 they said was an older fracture and had already started to heal so they could not do anything with it.  For the procedure they sedated Brit and injected a cement type compound into the vertebrae to make it more stable. They do not fuse them together.  Usually immediately upon waking up the patient is pain free.......not Brit.....if anything she is having more back pain. She is unable to get up and down herself (this has been for quite awhile now) and cannot do any of the everyday tasks you would do and not think twice about. The Drs. are quite confused/concerned as this procedure should have helped with the intense back pain...Therefore today they took her off of the current pain meds she was on(which were a high dose already) and started her on a patch and another pain med. These pain meds. will treat the nerve endings more if that is where the pain is coming from. Hopefully these new prescriptions will help get her some much needed relief.  Also, I was given a copy of the report from Britney's MRI of her brain.  It states "While there appears to be decreased overall tumor bulk at the midline in the region of the third ventricle, there is now increased posterior extension through the septum pellucidum and fornix.  Therefore, the swelling has gone down in one area of the brain however, the tumor has grown larger and is growing down deeper into the brain.....Depending on how Britney responds the next few days to the new pain meds, back procedure and her alertness will determine whether we continue treatment or not. The Drs. are looking at her quality of life now and putting her through the hell she is going through is not making her and better, just wearing her down:(  Terry and I will meet with the Drs. on Wednesday to discuss what comes next.  Britney will still get her breathing treatment 1x a month for pneumonia, and an IV treatment 1x a month for osteoporosis. They also started her on Vitamin D and Calcium pills in the hope to strengthen her bones.  We also met with OSF St. Frances from Escanaba, an RN will be coming out 1x a week to take Brit's vitals and do pain management.  The Drs. thought this would be easier than hauling her in every week if we do not continue treatment as she is in such pain.  Please keep Britney in your thoughts as we try to take care of her the best we can. With all our love......