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Well, today we received the results of the MRI's of Britney's head and spine.  The head MRI shows a "mixed response" per Green Bay Oncology.  The tumor does not look any worse, and the swelling looks "favorable".  When I asked what "favorable" meant, they said it looks like some of the swelling in the brain is possible a little better.  They want to repeat the MRI in 6 weeks again in Milwaukee.  They also want to cut her pm dose of her steroid in half.  We will start this tomorrow.  When we tried this 1 1/2 weeks ago Britney had a terrible headache and she had to be put back on the higher dose.  We are hoping with the brain MRI showing the swelling may be down that she will be able to tolerate the reduction in the steroid...  As far as the MRI of the spine goes, it shows that Britney has 3 compression fractures in her back....  They are vertebrae numbers T6, T7, & T12.  She is in a lot of pain and still sleeping in the recliner but at least this finally tells us why she has been in so much discomfort.  The Drs. have increased her pain meds quite considerably but she is still in a great deal of pain.  We are stopping her Avastin (Chemo) treatment that she has via IV every other Wednesday as they want to perform a Vertebroplasty.  They cannot do this until she is 3 weeks out from her last Avastin treatment ( which was last week Wed.) as it has a very high risk of internal bleeding so we have to stop this first. The plan is to sedate her and then insert a needle into the compression fractures and inject in a cement type compound to  stabilize the fractures.  They are hoping this will stop/control her back pain.  The fracture are caused from being on the steroid-they cause Osteoporosis.  We are hoping to do this procedure locally, however GB Onc. said they will have to see if DCMH can do it otherwise we will need to head to Green Bay.  We will meet with Green Bay Onc. again next week to discuss our plans for the next few weeks as far as Brits future Avastin treatments and her back procedure.  Again, thank you for all the love and support.