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Many people have been wondering how Britney is doing.... and I know I have not been very good about updating Britney's site, but I struggle again with what to put....  Britney has been having a rough time.  She can no longer lay flat in her bed to sleep as she says she cannot breath.  The doctors have done CT scans and x-rays and cannot come up with a reason why.  So, she now sleeps in a recliner in her bedroom tipped back a little as she cannot sit straight up either because of her back pain. They have increased her pain meds quite considerably and we have not seen any improvement with her pain.  She was scheduled to go back to Milwaukee on the 29th for her head MRI however, in talking with the Drs. down there we cancelled that appt. because she cannot lay flat for the MRI. Therefore,tomorrow, Mark, Britney and myself will be headed to Milwaukee, Froedtert Hosp., for them to do a direct admit with Britney.  They are going to sedate her and do the MRI of her head and her spine.  They are hoping to find out what is causing her back pain and try to control it so she is more comfortable for the duration of her illness.....She has been sleeping better with the elevation of the recliner.  They also prescribed a gel that we rub on her arm 1x a day and it helps the bladder restrict so she doesn't have to go potty so much.  This has really helped as the pituitary gland is not functioning any more which is part of the reason she was up using the bathroom every 5 minutes around the clock. Again, thank you all for the love and support you all of been giving us-we really do appreciate it!