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Brighton’s Story

Thank you for visiting Brighton's website, it means so much to him. We appreciate everyone's thoughts and prayers as we begin this long journey. Our son, Brighton, was diagnosed with T-cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma (Non-Hodgkins) on 7/5/10. This is Brighton's story of his journey.......

Brighton's journey began on July 5, 2010, but his story began sometime in June 2010. Brighton was coughing a lot during the night, we figured he had seasonal allergies. We propped him up at night with a couple of pillows to make it easier for him to breathe.  After about a month of the coughing during the night, Brighton started coughing during the day and would cough so hard that he caused himself to vomit.  We still thought it was probably seasonal allergies.  On June 29, 2010, as Brighton was taking a nap next to me on the couch, I was watching his breathing.  It was very rapid and then I noticed that the left side of his chest was a lot larger than the right side.  He also was wheezing a lot, especially when he slept.  I called the doctor the next day, but our doctor was gone on vacation.  I was referred to the Express Care office.  Brighton and I went that day to Express Care, but after his examination, the doctor told me that he had asthma.  Brighton was given a breathing treatment, meds for the asthma and for an infection because of the wheezing.  I explained to the doctor that he had a big lump on his left side of his chest.  I told her that he and his brother had been wrestling around and Brighton was accidentally kicked in his chest.  She told me that his chest was just bruised from the kick.  She did mention that he could end up with pneumonia, so keep an eye on him.  Later that night, I still did not think it was just a bruise, so I looked up symptoms for children/pneumonia and children/cancer.  I showed it to my husband, but Brighton did not have all the symptoms, so we decided to wait until our doctor was back on Tuesday.  We were told that if Brighton stopped eating, was lethargic, or had a fever, we needed to go to the emergency room by a friend who is a doctor.  On Saturday, he didn't feel like going to a 4th of July party, so I stayed home with him, while Joe, Grayson, and Mic went to the party.  The next morning we went to church, but Brighton did not want to go into his classroom, so he went with Joe and I.  That day, Sunday- July 4th, he hardly ate anything, maybe a piece of cantaloupe and a slice of bologna and wanted to sleep with me in my bed.  The next morning, July 5th, Brighton woke up with a fever.  I told Joe that I thought Brighton may have pneumonia, and we needed to take him to the emergency room. (I was very worried about pneumonia because I have a friend who's little 4 year old daughter had died recently from pneumonia.)  We went to the ER around 9:30, had blood drawn, X-rays, CT Scan and then were told that our son had a large mass in his chest.  We were told that we would be leaving the hospital to go to another medical facility, either by ambulance or helicopter.  Since neither Joe nor I would be able to ride in the helicopter, we chose to go by ambulance.  Brighton and I went by ambulance, while a good friend, Annie (she set Joe and I up on our first date) drove Joe down.  We were taken to KU Med Center in Kansas City and this is where his journey began..........................