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4 long years...

It is late July 6, early July 7 and I am laying here awake when I should be asleep.  Four years ago Brighton was going in for his biopsy and exam to determine which type of cancer he had.  Well, we are heading to KU Med at 6:00 in the morning to have his port taken out.  What a wild strange ride we have been on.

it feels strange to be at this point.  It is all that our family has known for four years.  I am sure that Brighton does not really remember too much before he was diagnosed.  We keep asking him if he is excited to get his port out and he says no, he is scared.  He is worried about the "operation."  He is such a brave little man.

It has been almost 5 months since we have posted... I guess that means live has been busy.  Brighton has gotten to be quite a little baseball player this summer.  His team has not won many games, but they are having a blast.  Both Brighton and Grayson have taken swimming lessons and spent lots of time in the water.  Both a swimming like fish.  Also, we went to an overnight scout camp and survived.  I am planning another weekend camping trip coming soon.

Not everything has been peaches and cream.  Last month Brighton was sick and having pain in his lower right abdomen.  A CT scan was inconclusive, so he had his appendix removed.  He got better and so we came home after three days in the hospital. Life is good again.

Again, we cannot thank our friends the Korbes enough.  They took care of Mic and Grayson while took care of Brighton.  Amazing people, and amazing friends.  We also want to thank our friends that stopped in to say howdy to Brighton.

WOW!  We are waking up in like 3 hours... I had better get to sleep.  Good night and God Bless you all.


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Joe & DeAnna Jordan
By Joe & DeAnna Jordan
Hey Joe, Y'all have (are) been thruogh more than I can imagine and it is so nice for how Brighton is doing. I hope you have a great summer. God bless you each, Joe
Judy Powell
By Judy Powell
What a wonderful end to the treatments!!! It's great to hear that Brighton is having a great summer. He is a normal little guy & that is the best news ever. Blessings to all of you.
Debi Smith
By Debi Smith
We give thanks to The Lord for His healing power and the strength He has given each of you to go through this journey. May The Lord continue to bless your lives and keep you safe and healthy.
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Tara Azwell
You and your family have had quite a journey. I has been such a long time with many ups and downs. I can only imagine how hard it has been on your whole family. We hope that life begins to look a little more "regular family stuff" for you all now. As active as you all are, I am sure that it will not be a quiet life. Our thoughts are with you. You are fortunate to have each other. Your children have learned so many important lessons about keeping on keeping on even when life through you lemons. Knowing the "tough Taylors" have been a pleasure. Tara
Major Mickey Hale
By Major Mickey Hale
What an answer to prayer! Hugs and love!