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A long time coming...

It has been a long time since we last updated.  A lot has happened for Brighton.  Today, he went in for a spinal tap and bone marrow extraction/biopsy.  It was a very difficult and long day for the little guy.  After he was sedated, they tried to extract bone marrow from his left hip, but he was not giving anything up.  They had to switch to the right hip which they were finally able to get some bone marrow.  After the extraction, it was on to his spinal tap.  Again, he was not giving anything up.  After several attempts, they were able to get some spinal fluid.  He was definitely being stingy with his fluids today.  Because the nurses had trouble with his body cooperating, he was given a lot more sedation meds than usual.  He went under around 9 or a little after, and we didn't leave the hospital until after 1:30. We had a heck of a time waking up our little trooper!  He was given three types of chemotherapy today. One was given through his spine and the other two were through the port.  He slept right through it all.  He did give his mom a scare when he sneezed so hard that he blew everything out of his head. When that happened, he had a terrible bloody nose. They were able to get him cleaned up and almost de-accessed before he woke up. (He would have been so upset- kind of a neat freak!  I wonder were he got that from, not his dad!) We were told today by his doctor that after three years, seven months and five days, he is done with chemotherapy. He will continue to have to have monthly doctor visits, but not anymore chemo!  He was so excited to hear that. Also, in about six months, they will remove his port. After we were finally able to get him up and moving, he was the same ornery little boy that walked into the hospital this morning. We celebrated as a family (Grayson and Mic were excused from school) and went to eat at the T-Rex Café at Legends. The kids enjoyed walking around and looking at all the animals, dinosaurs and fish. After lupper (lunch and supper), the boys each got a dinosaur. The Café has a Build a Dinosaur (division of Build a Bear) so they built their own dinosaur and dressed them in a cute outfit. It was an exciting, but exhausting day. The nurses and doctor told us that Brighton would be sore and tired, but that little trooper made it until his bedtime at eight and never once complained about his back (except to say that he did not appreciate the bandages that have to stay on until tomorrow morning.) 

Tonight, before writing this, I went back and read his journals.  It is hard to believe that it has really been over three and a half years since this all started. I can not say that I would change anything. I have never said why him, only why not him, me or anyone else in our family. For that, I believe it was easier for us to handle this whole situation. Our lives changed on July 5, 2010, but it was for the better.  We are not the same people, we have grown as a family and will never take life for granted.

To everyone that sent messages, prayers, positive words of encouragement or support, we are forever indebted to you.  We can never repay everyone for what they have done for our family, so our goal is to "pay it forward" to someone else.  God Bless each and every one of you for your continued support.  We love you!

Kris and family