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Brian’s Story

Caringbridge was introduced to us as a wonderful tool to connect with friends and family and update you all on our son's recovery progress.
Thank you all for your wonderful letters, notes and prayers.
I know when Brian recovers he will be touched and overwhelmed to know that there was so many people praying for him. 
Thank you all again,
Jill, Terry,Amanda and of course Georgina

Latest Journal Update

This is not a could have been story! 2 years Strong!

Hi CaringBridge Family!

As I woke up today, January 18th 2016, I couldn't help but think how different my life was 2 years ago. 2 years ago at this time I was in complete shock that my older brother had the possibility of not being in my life. My mom and I sometimes ask each other what would we have done without Brian? Would we have been able to go on without him? Would we have been able to ever be happy? We are so blessed that we don't' have to ask those questions and that we don't have to search out those answers.

Today I don't have to think what if Brian was not here or what would Brian's life have been if he had survived the crash in a different way. For now I can just say .....Brian is here and he is still the light of our family. We know that when we all get together around the holidays or for someone's birthday that Brian is going to make us laugh and he is going to tell us about every movie we should see (Since he is quite the movie buff). I know he is always going to call me at work to see how I am doing and ask me if I am ready to move home so I can see him more often. We know that he is going to ask about our family dog Georgina and say how much he loves playing with her. We all know that today Brian will be here and we don't have to talk about him in a cloud of sadness but rather in a sea of happiness.

My family wants Brian to know that we love him and that he has been so strong over the past 2 years. We can't wait to spend another year with him growing, learning and overcoming obstacles every single day!

We are all in it together Brian, and you are leading the charge!

Love your supporters and Admirers!

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11 Comentarios

laura worley
By laura worley
Thanks for the update Amanda! I have been thinking about Brian everyday. 2 years seems like just yesterday. I pray for continued strength for Brian. I know how hard the days can be.

Laura Worley (patient Brian was taking care of)
Rana Thomas
By Rana Thomas
What a blessing to read! So very happy to hear that Brian is healing mentally, physically & you're all able to still enjoy a loving relationship. Continued prayers. I agree with my beautifull Faithful cousin whom had shown me how to see the light - God has plans for you! You truly are a wonderful miracle.
~ Marilyn Paumen'so neice
Heather Norgren
So glad you are doing well, and we continue to pray for healing both physically and mentally. You are a walking miracle Brian and God has big plans in store for you..Blessings to you and your family.
~Marilyn Paumen's daughter in law
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carol parpas
By Carol and Gus Parpas
We our so happy to hear about the updated news on Brian, what a true miracle for a wonderful family.
Michelle Nelson
By Michelle Nelson
I followed your story for quite some time after your accident, Brian!! My brother worked with you as a Paramedic, and he was one of the many Allina coworkers who was proud to stand guard outside your hospital room. I'm REALLY happy to hear of your continued progress and return to health - each day is a new normal. Your family loves you VERY, VERY much, and it is only by the grace of God that you survived what you did. Happy New Year, Brian!!!! ♡
john & carol giovinco
By john & carol giovinco
Good Morning Brian, We are so GLAD to hear you are doing sooooooooo well...you are a very special miracle, dear heart!!!!!!:) God has a special plan for you and one of them being here with your WONDERFUL and SUPPORTING family and friends by your side every moment of each day [and Caring Bridge family too!]....You have remained in our PRAYERS Brian, you have touched our hearts in a very special way!!!!
Carol & John G.
PS. Amanda, Thank You so much for the update, we so appreciate it!!!!:) Carol
courtney graham
By Courtney G
Brian has been on my mind the last few days. Thank you so much for the update. Its amazing how strong he has proven himself to be. Hugs sent your way!
Cheryl Schneider
By V&C
Blessings for your family, extra for Brian.
Julie Stevens
By Julie Stevens
This love and delight in your presence will sustain you in anything life gives you. Be blessed and keep on being you Brian!
Janet Vanderark
By Janet and Marv VanderArk
Always nice to read positive happy news... Stay strong Brian, you've got this !!