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Spring Fever

Although the copy disappeared from my  last journal entry, a few pictures remain of Brian and the family.

At this point the nice weather is a huge remedy to  feeling better. However, as much as Brian wants to get back to where he was before the accident, there are a few steps that he must still complete. The healing process takes time. And as difficult as it is for Brian to wade through this, it is important to make others aware of the time commitment to this journey.
Nobody likes to be any less than what they were but you can be different and in some way, even better. That is what is proving to be with Brian.

 It is pretty sobering to see the ambulance after the accident but after you do it is understandable the time it would take to recover from such an impact.

Brian is very anxious to get going..... Let's make sure for his sake that it is at the pace that is best for him.

I don't anticipate updating this site too much longer but I welcome anyone interested to stay in touch.

The Nagels

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Susan Greely
By Sue Greely
thank you so much for the update, I was wondering how Brian was doing. Thank God for all he has done and is going to do,
laura worley
By laura worley
Brain and family... Boy I have so many things I want to say, but now as I sit here and type, the words will not flow. Each day for all of us involved gives us a new appreciation for life, back to normal seems to be the word most often used. I think that we all have a new normal. Out of such a tragic event will come positive. Brian you told me when I talked to you that it was hard for you to be angry at the women who caused this. I thought to myself, wow what a great human being you are. You told me that she disappointed you. Today I have had a hard time not being overwhelmingly angry to her. I keep trying to embrace your thoughts on her.

Continued prayers for you to heal.
Jim Levi
By Jim Levi
The last time I saw Brian was coming back from the EMS World Expo in Las Vegas. That boy seems like he is always learning something new.
If he is at all interested in working on a presentation about his story, I would be honored to help. He can call me at 612-813-6443 or email me at .
Some survivors have amazing insights that the rest of us humbly learn.
Greg Reese
Stay patient! Brian you look great in those pictures!
Terry Provo
By Terry Provo
What a wonderful feeling it must be to not need the site much longer, though CaringBridge has been a Godsend for keeping us all updated. I met with Brian last Friday and to me he is the same ol' Brian. Wow, what a journey this life sometimes takes us on. Thanks for sharing it with us.
Joanne Engwer
By Joanne Engwer
I appreciate hearing the progress that Brian has made....It is a slow healing process I'm sure.....hard to be patient some times, I bet.
Cattherine Laurent
By Cattherine Laurent
Keep up the progress, thank-you to Jill for keeping us up to date.
Many Blessings

Special Transportation
john & carol giovinco
By john & carol giovinco
Good Afternoon Brian and Family, Thank You for the update, Jill.....We are glad to hear you are progressing well, Brian, but as with any journey after the serious accident you were in it takes time to heal and recovery at a pace we would like it to be much quicker than it may take but known GOD'S LOVE for you may take a little more patience to adjust to HIS time schedule......dear heart, you are doing sooooooooo well and have come so far just please keep fighting this challenge you and soon will have be back to work and helping others again!!!:) Brian, what a WONDERFUL and SUPPORTIVE family and friends you have and continue to surround you every moment of everyday!!:) GOD BLESS all!
Carol & John G.
Ruth Travis
By Ruth Travis
What a beautifully written message. It is easy for those of us who followed the horrific news reports and your posts to marvel at how "healed" Brian now appears. What we don't see behind the smiles are the internal injuries, the emotional trauma, and the exhaustion of a long rehabilitation process. So we will continue to praise God for the milestones Brian has achieved, celebrate the strength of his loving family, and pray that his healing process continues. As anxious as Brian may be to push ahead and as anxious as we may be to pronounce him "well," the process cannot be rushed. Time is a blessing -- patience must be practiced!
Thank you for having shared as much of this journey with us as you have. It could not have been easy to write and I can only imagine the fear and personal pain you have all suffered along the way. But I know, from having seen the messages and notes of caring and prayer, that you are loved and never alone. Hugs and may God continue to bless you all.
Keith Witte
By Keith Witte
Brian, It was great to see you at the Air Care EMS conference this last week. Another step in your healing. Looking forward to you return to EMS.