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Rhonda Ollquist
By Rhonda Ollquist
Was just thinking of you and wondering how you all were doing when this Caring Bridge popped up! Thanks for the update and photos and the great news of Brian's continued recovery. What a special Mother's Day for you!
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Ruth Travis
By Ruth Travis
Jill -- great to hear an update. I've been catching up with Donelle and continue to hold you all in my prayers. Though I know there are and will continue to be daily challenges, your photos do indeed speak a thousand words. The Nagel family has good reason to smile and we are smiling for you also. Hugs to you all and Happy Mother's Day, Jill!
Donna Drobny
By Donna Drobny
What an amazing Mother's Day for you!
Leila Hedin
So nice to see that he's doing so well. It's been a trying time for your whole family. We just hope and pray that each day he gets better and better.
Thanks for the update and keep them coming.