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Brian’s Story

Caringbridge was introduced to us as a wonderful tool to connect with friends and family and update you all on our son's recovery progress.
Thank you all for your wonderful letters, notes and prayers.
I know when Brian recovers he will be touched and overwhelmed to know that there was so many people praying for him. 
Thank you all again,
Jill, Terry,Amanda and of course Georgina

Latest Journal Update

The After

It has been awhile since I updated this site because the words as Laura (the patient) so put it .... although you have a lot to say, the words don't come out.

Even though our family talks about the details of the accident less and less, we are all very careful not to start a conversation with...Guess what Amanda, or I have something to tell you, or I have some bad news.... which will surely cause a lump in your throat or throw you into Post Traumatic Stress syndrome.

My Miss Kim lilacs which I have had since Amanda was 3 are now under water thanks to the floods we have had here. They lived through two transplants and harsh winters near the lake and years of struggling to establish themselves in their new spot by the water and finally blooming into healthy and happy bushes. And now ....they are not going to make it because their roots have been underwater for a month. It is the end of our time together and I can't dwell on how sad that really is.

Clearly, as a result of all this, you don't let yourself drift into areas of your mind where you can get stuck. Everything as we knew it has changed and not just from Brian's standpoint but from the whole family's. Anything can happen at any time and simply because it happened once does not  guarantee  that it can't happen again. 
It just doesn't add up. Do the math, there is no way to steal second base with your foot on first. The era is over and a new one is to begin. Memories are for holding the good things that have happened in the past and forward thinking is for warding off the evils that have hurt your family and your dreams.

Brain is starting a slow return to work and he coming to any understanding of how much he can endure, what he needs to recover and how long this is going to take.

Terry and I can't thank everyone enough for their continued thoughts and inquiries as to Brian's health. We tell Brian every time someone asks about him and as a result we never feel alone or far from knowing that we have many friends that truly care.

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Cheryl Schneider
By V&C
We think of Brian and family often, thank you for the update
on Brian. Hugs all around.
Jeanne Florek
By Jeanne
Thanks so much for sharing
Dave Cookson
By Dave Cookson
Brian and Family - you are an inspiration. Thanks for your courageous work and your updates. Lynn and I wish the best.
Lisabeth Mackall
By Lisabeth Mackall
We keep you in our prayers. I'm so sorry about the lilacs. I feel your pain.
Cattherine Laurent
Hi Jill: Thank-you for the update as time goes by it is good to know how well Brian is doing as well as You and the rest of the Family.
I am so happy to hear he is slowly going back to work this is good news, Allina is a fantastic company to work for, I know how hard it is to get back to the basics I had a car accident back in feb. of 97 working for Allina, the company was so good to me as I am sure they are with Brian.
Good luck on the healing I do hope things get back to a normal level soon.
So sad to hear about your Miss Kim Lilacs.


laura speno
May god continue to bless you all and keep you strong. You are so very blessed to have each other. Thanks for the update you are in my prayers, Laura Speno
Paul McSoley
By Patty and Paul McSoley
Jill, thank you for your update, all of you are in our prayers and thoughts every day. The EMS and law enforcement community in Braintree have been well aware of what happened to Brian in January, and they, like countless others , as you know, are pulling for him and admire for being "MINNESOTA STRONG"
john & carol giovinco
By john & carol giovinco
Good Morning Brian!:) We are glad to hear you are doing better!!:) Brian, though it may take a little longer than you may have wanted it to be you have made big strides already and continue those steps forward everyday, you are an INSPIRATION to all of us!!:) Keep fighting your way back you are WINNING this challenge!!!! GOD BLESS all!!!
Carol & John G.
PS. Jill, Thank you for the update on Brian.....what a Spring you have had and all of the rain is not that much of a blessing any more......my family in Minn. have also been struggling with the water and it always seems to get a little worse before all of the water disappears!:( I'm just so glad you all are safe. Carol
Susan Horton
By Sue Horton, Flight Nurse
Thank you for letting us all know how Brian is doing, he's is often in my thoughts. The ems community is a tight knit group and even though I haven't had the opportunity to meet Brian in person he feels like family.
Kellie Murphy-Ringate
Thanks for the update, still keeping Brain in my thoughts knowing he will recover and may even find a new path on his way, but also knowing the journey will be longer than he wants is to be. I know I can speak for the other following him on CaringBridge, we would all love to hear a word or two from him.