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Brian’s Story

Caringbridge was introduced to us as a wonderful tool to connect with friends and family and update you all on our son's recovery progress.
Thank you all for your wonderful letters, notes and prayers.
I know when Brian recovers he will be touched and overwhelmed to know that there was so many people praying for him. 
Thank you all again,
Jill, Terry,Amanda and of course Georgina

Latest Journal Update

In God's Hands! A Year Ago Today...

Dear family, 

It was January 18th at 4am that my family received a phone call that changed us forever. It was a year ago today that I picked up the phone after a late friday night to my mom's trembling voice and inability to get out a full sentence. She said, "Amanda, your brother was in an accident."That phone call and her words will forever be engraved in my memory. Even a year later  I cannot describe to someone how that moment in my life felt.  Losing someone or even the thought of losing someone that you love is the hardest obstacle God asks us to overcome on this Earth. And when or if you experience this, there is no way of knowing how you will react or feel. I find myself waking up in the middle of the night not because of a nightmare but because I am so thankful to have my brother in my life. 
I am thankful that I can say he still teases me as a big brother should and he still makes me laugh so hard I cry. 

The other day we were laying by the pool and he grabbed my hand and I said, "let's not hold hands because that's weird," and Brian responded , "come on Amanda, I love you!" I just smiled and said, "I love you too Brian and I am so happy I am sharing this moment with you," as we then held hands. 

Brian has been through a year of pain, sadness, rejoicing, embracing and a year of change. We love him and the overwhelming out pour of affection and care for Brian over this past year has shown us that he has love all around him.He is the light that guides my family, he is our solider, and he is always there for us!  This post is a reminder that life is a gift and we can't take anything for granted because it could all change in a blink of an eye.It was one year ago today that God had my brother in his hands, and it was one year ago today that God decided Brian was not done living. 

My parents and I Thank every one of you for this past year we could not have made it without you.

Love the Nagel Family! 

Here are a few pictures showing some laughs and hugs this year.
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Ruth Travis
...there is so much that could be offered in response to your note, but the word that comes first and foremost to mind is simply, "Amen!" Hugs and God Bless your 2015!
john & carol giovinco
By john & carol giovinco
O My Goodness, Brian, 1 year ago already and what a tragic accident changed your life BUT what a beautiful MIRACLE of GOD you are......besides being a BLESSING to your family you have been a BLESSING to all of have taught us strength, perservance, and an inspiration no matter what the challenge and we will forever be grateful for that. Take care, dear heart, and please keep us updated from time to will always have a very special place in our hearts!! THANK YOU, Amanda, for the for the update!!!!!:) GOD BLESS all!
LOVE & PRAYERS continue~
Carol & John G.
PS. Happy Holidays a little late!!!!!!!!!:)
Julie Stevens
By Julie Stevens
Thank you, Amanda, for being such a beautiful witness to God's grace in each of our lives through your most personal journey of love with your brother. Blessings to all of you on this anniversary of life!
Marty Burley
I has been an amazing time the past 15 months. First, Brian and a team of Angels saved me from SCA. Then the Angels were there with him during his terrible accident. We together have an amazing story to tell for the rest of our lives, but most important is the bond of friendship we developed afterword. Thank you God for taking care of both of us!!!
Patty Petty
By Patty Petty
Although there have been many challenges, glad to see how much progress Brian had made! Take care and know that we think of your family often.
Jim Levi
By Jim Levi
Having had a chance to run into Brian a few times over the past few months, I have been impressed with his perseverance. Here's to another year of finding his new normal.
Anna & Alan Gioia
So beautifully said, Amanda. May God continue to bless your family with health, love and happiness!!
Cattherine Laurent
By Cattherine Laurent — last edited
I am amazed of the power and love of God and how wonderful he is, without him there is no healing.
You are very lucky to have Brian back with you.
I hope Brian continues to heal.

Catherine Laurent
Allina Trans.
Tia Radant
By Tia
Wonderful to hear of Brian's continued journey in health. Thanks for the update!