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Brian’s Story

Candle Light Service in front of our home:  Sunday, December 21st @ 6pm
16923 Sunset Point Court Baton Rouge, La 70816

Please know that all funds are to help with daily necessities & additional therapy not covered by worker's comp. Medical necessities are covered thru WORKMAN'S COMP.

www.brianhess.org for Golf Tournament info


December 21st, 2006  Our lives would change forever.

Brian was headed with his baskeball  team to defend their title in the Barbe Holiday Tournament...on the way to Lake Charles, the van Brian was riding in was struck by a car from the opposite side of the interstate...Brian suffered a traumatic brain injury and would be in a coma for over 4 months...at the time of the accident, brian had been head coach of the woodlwan basketball team for 1 year...had a new born baby boy and had a bright future ahead of him...little did we know how our lives would change...we trust and believe in God's power to heal brian and ask that you continue to stand with us through our journey...

../>Bracelets: www.geauxstrong.com Brian Hess Special Fund Account (Regions Bank)hi everyone....just wanted to thank everyone for all the phone calls and give ya'll a rundown of what happened with brian...the team was traveling to lake charles for basketball tournament sometime around 4pm(dec 21st 2006)...car in oncoming traffic attempted to pass and pushed another car across median...brian's van (jv coach driving. brian passenger. some players in car) hit the car that came across traffic...the passenger of that car was killed instantly...jv coach suffered breaks in his arm and wrist...he is home and fine...one player broke jaw...surgery...home and fine....my brother...not so fine...he had to be cut from the car and has been unconscious ever since...he is intubated(breathing on a ventillator)and is in a coma...bruising on his brain...he has a tube in his head to monitor pressure on the brain...when a healthy person lies down the pressure in your head is about 10-15mmHg...his fluctuates from 22-27...we are trying to keep it below 30 with meds...no surgery yet...hope to hear about 3rd cat scan in the next few minutes (it is 11am now)love you all and please keep him in your thoughts and prayers

Latest Journal Update

Too LONG...

It's has been too long since I last updated and I am SO sorry...

Well, LOTS going on : ) I will do my best to update : )

WE HAVE MOVED!!! Only about 2 miles from our old home but still a move to give us a tad more room for the BABY!!! : )

We now live in Clearlake Estates off of S. Harrell's Ferry. We actually sold our home the Sunday after we had our family reveal party and had to be out in less than two weeks!!! It was crazy fast but I was NOT complaining since we had been blessed with selling our home just in the nick of time to purchase the new home : ) We lived with Mr. Tommy and Ms. Beverly for 2 weeks and Jacob went back and forth with Becca to my Mom and Dad's and then with us for the 2 weeks. The new home did not have a walk in shower that we needed for Brian so we had some renovations to do to the master bath...EVERYONE was so wonderful and worked so fast to help us get into the home...I would say we are now pretty settled...still a few boxes here and there that I need to get situated but that should be taken care of soon!  It was definitely a QUICK move but I think God allowed it to be that way so that I wouldn't be too emotional...such good, sweet, PRE ACCIDENT memories in that house on Brookmeade but it was just time to move...We miss our neighbors and hope to see them during the holidays but we have met some super sweet neighbors over here...I KNOW God has truly blessed us...New home, New baby, New memories to be made...

Brian is continuing with Speech Therapy 2x a week and now has OT 2x a week...Calloways 1x a week for now and our usual fun visit with Stephanie : ) One of the sessions of OT we are doing at our home to hopefully get Brian oriented to our new home. In the past Brian has not been able to remember how to get too and from places in the old house. But I am praying that working on things here in the new home that God will allow him to retain some of the info : ) He will always need assistance (until God heals him) but for him to work his brain and have a little more independence and just have us help assist rather than taking him too and from places that he has NO idea as to where he is...even if Brian isn't able to retain much at least it will be working his brain...

In the last update we announced that we were having a baby girl!!! As of now we should welcome EMMIE CLAIRE on February 10th! Brian keeps saying the 11th since that is his lucky number but we will SEE!!! Jacob keeps saying, "Mom, you are SO big!"  hahaha I just keep telling him, "well, baby, I am going to be a LOT bigger at Christmas and New Years!" hahaha

********We do plan to have our annual candle light prayer time for Brian at our new home. ..We hope all of you can join us... As of now we plan to have it on Sunday, December 21st at 6pm...I will keep you all updated and give directions as it gets closer...This is such a special / emotional time for us...I try to have the prayer time on the actual day of the accident most of the time or close to it...but it's just a time that we choose to THANK God for saving Brian and ask for continued healing...That God did not choose to take Brian that day...It means so much to us that you guys are able to join us and stand with us in prayer*******

I know this time of the year gets tough for many of us...It is my prayer again this holiday season for all of us that we can stay focused on God and the many blessings He has given us...He didn't promise that life would be easy...As we continue down this path since Brian accident God continues to teach me so many different things...one thing that has really been sticking out to me is that ole saying we often hear or even say..."God doesn't give you more that you can handle"...but I don't see it that way...I truly feel that God DOES allow things in our lives that we alone can NOT handle...but with HIM, we can...

THANK YOU all for continuing to lift us up...for those who shoot Brian emails here and there and post on the site...I don't know if you guys will ever truly understand how much it means to us...

Please continue to pray for Brian...for God to completely heal Brian...specifically his sight...

Heavenly Father, Thank You for the many, many blessings You have given us...Thank You for those who continue to stand with us and lift us up in prayer...Thank you for our precious Jacob Michael and the sweet baby sister he will soon have...Lord, I lift Brian up to You...especially during this holiday season...speak to him...reminding him that YOU ARE WITH HIM... that he is not alone...I continue to ask that You show us mercy and heal Brian...Lord, heal him completely Lord...open his eyes that he can see Jacob Michael and Emmie Claire...and all the glory and honor will be given to YOU...I ask these things in Your Son's Name...


I love you Brian...I love you Daddy

Kimen, Jacob Michael and Emmie Claire

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6 Comentarios

Jamie Alello
By Jamie Alello
I'm so happy to hear that you've settled into your new home. You are always on my heart and mind. I'm continuing to lift you all up to our Father. Happy Thanksgiving!
Lea Anne Schroeder
Congratulations on the new home! Continued prayers for Brian to heal as y'all get ready for Emmie Claire. May God bless you and your family abundantly.

Lea Anne
Sharon Gentry Lea
By Sharon Gentry Lea
Great news about your very quick sale and move! Everything will get to it's place eventually, don't worry. It may just take a little longer than you would like Kimen. Keep up the hard work Brian and you'll continue to improve in your therapy. It can be a slow process at times but keep at it. Praying for you all and excited to hear you've chosen a name for your baby girl!
Love to all from Port Hudson,
Sharon Gentry Lea
Clyde Lasseigne
By Peace Out - Clyde Lasseigne
Congratulations with your new house! The only nice thing we have found about moving is you go through all of the junk drawers and junk closets. It is amazing how much stuff you accumulate over the years.

Congratulations with the upcoming new baby girl. Kimen is due the same day as our oldest daughter Jade! Maybe our grand daughter Wol be born on February 11 and your baby will be born on the 10th. We love you and pray for you ALWAYS!
Tamari Hood
By Tamari Hood
Congrats on the new addition to your beautiful family! We think of all of you often ~ Hugs to all❤️
Tamari & Jon
Elaine Wilson
By Love, Harvey and Elaine — last edited
Wow! I was thinking of all of you today! How exciting to receive your wonderful journal update Kimen! So much to write about, so much excitement! What a wonderful blessing this year has been for you Brian, Kimen, Jacob and soon to be here precious baby girl Emmie Claire! We do miss you. The street just doesn't seem the same but so happy that God opened this door for a new chapter in life with a new home, new challenges for each of you as your family welcomes Emmie next year. God works wonders and that is truly the only way I can discribe your life Brian and Kimen. The beauty of the love you share. The faith that has been so strong over the years. A precious son that is growing up way too fast! You both have such wonderful families to celebrate not only the anniversary of Brian's life but of the birth of Jesus on Christmas day. Thank you Kimen for taking time in your very hectic life to keep everyone up to date on how well Brian is doing and how you and Jacob are. I know everyone is waiting to see pictures of your wonderful family!