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Brian’s Story

Candle Light Service in front of our home:  Sunday, December 21st @ 6pm
16923 Sunset Point Court Baton Rouge, La 70816

Please know that all funds are to help with daily necessities & additional therapy not covered by worker's comp. Medical necessities are covered thru WORKMAN'S COMP.

www.brianhess.org for Golf Tournament info


December 21st, 2006  Our lives would change forever.

Brian was headed with his baskeball  team to defend their title in the Barbe Holiday Tournament...on the way to Lake Charles, the van Brian was riding in was struck by a car from the opposite side of the interstate...Brian suffered a traumatic brain injury and would be in a coma for over 4 months...at the time of the accident, brian had been head coach of the woodlwan basketball team for 1 year...had a new born baby boy and had a bright future ahead of him...little did we know how our lives would change...we trust and believe in God's power to heal brian and ask that you continue to stand with us through our journey...

../>Bracelets: www.geauxstrong.com Brian Hess Special Fund Account (Regions Bank)hi everyone....just wanted to thank everyone for all the phone calls and give ya'll a rundown of what happened with brian...the team was traveling to lake charles for basketball tournament sometime around 4pm(dec 21st 2006)...car in oncoming traffic attempted to pass and pushed another car across median...brian's van (jv coach driving. brian passenger. some players in car) hit the car that came across traffic...the passenger of that car was killed instantly...jv coach suffered breaks in his arm and wrist...he is home and fine...one player broke jaw...surgery...home and fine....my brother...not so fine...he had to be cut from the car and has been unconscious ever since...he is intubated(breathing on a ventillator)and is in a coma...bruising on his brain...he has a tube in his head to monitor pressure on the brain...when a healthy person lies down the pressure in your head is about 10-15mmHg...his fluctuates from 22-27...we are trying to keep it below 30 with meds...no surgery yet...hope to hear about 3rd cat scan in the next few minutes (it is 11am now)love you all and please keep him in your thoughts and prayers

Latest Journal Update


Wow!!! I can't believe it is 2015!!!

I want to make sure I don't miss anything so I will try and go by dates : )

12/21: we had a wonderful turnout for the annual candle light prayer time for Brian in front of our home...it was nice to see so many continue to come out and support Brian...to stand with us as one thanking God for the many blessings He has given us and to continue to pray for complete healing for Brian...we were also able to lift up our new home to God asking him to surround it with His Angels...to guide us through this next chapter in our lives...we can't thank all of you enough who were able to make it out but we also know there were many who usually come to the prayer time who couldn't make it and we certainly missed them...

12/24: this year we spent Christmas eve with my Rizzutto side of our family...we had a wonderful time watching the 7 little cousins together and paw paw and gia!!! When we do our family devotional we usually have our brother in law Casey or my brother Chad read but some how it became to where each of the 7 grandchildren read a paragraph...it was so neat!!! So special...

12/25: Jacob Michael woke up about 7am to open presents and Meme and Pop came over like they usually do on Christmas morning to eat breakfast and open gifts...that afternoon we headed over to Uncle Bubbie and Aunt Becky's house to spend Christmas with the Hess side : ) we usually play some sort of gift exchange game...this year we did a sort of white elephant game with the adults but Jacob helped fill in for Daddy...there was one of those google chrome things that was opened and Jacob's eyes just lit up!!! Now in this game you can only steal a gift twice...after the 2nd time it is "dead"...so Jacob told me to steal it then he stole it from me so we would be able to keep it...it was hilarious how he was so strategic about it...whispering, "mom, mom...steal it...then I steal if from you!!!" too precious...always a wonderful time with the 6 cousins...

12/29 we celebrated Tommy's bday : )

12/31-1/1: Brian and I are old fuddy duds  so we stayed in for new years eve but becca and jacob went to our friends the byrds to bring in the new year and ended up at my mom and dad's  to spend the night...Jacob LOVES fireworks and LOVED being with everyone!!! New years day Mr. T and Ms. Bev came to visit for a while : )

I am sad to say that we lost Grandpa right before Christmas...I met grandpa for the first time in 2006 when I was pregnant with Jacob...then he and Uncle Gerry (Mr. Tommy's older brother) drove to Atlanta when we were there with Brian...since Brian's accident Grandpa would email Brian at least a few times a week...towards the end it would be 1x a week but Brian always looked forward to his emails...Grandpa would also send us (as well as Tommy and Sarah and Brittney and Paul) a Daily Bread devotional book each time it would come out...he was such a Godly man and was so faithful to pray for his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren...we will miss him so much but we know with out a doubt that he is in heaven...

1/8: January 8th was my dad's 70th birthday!!! it is SO hard to believe that he is 70!!! just crazy...we were able to take him out to eat to celebrate...my dad is such a special man...though I know he is human as we all are, I am SO grateful that God gave him to me and my 3 siblings as our earthly father...so blessed to call him dad...

1/11: we celebrated Ms. Bev's bday, 1/18 was my sister in law, Jennifer's bday, 1/26 is our precious Grier Marie's Bday and 1/27 is Brittney's bday!!! LOT's of January bday's

This new year Brian has continued with therapy at Neurotherapy Specialists and going to calloway's...his schedule has changed up a bit but he continues with 2 days of speech, 2 days of OT and then working out at calloway's 1x a week...my dad and Mr. Derrell try their best to come over 1x a week to have bible study with Brian...my mom tries her best to tag along as when she is able... and our sweet friend Stephanie Bourg tries to come visit with Brian 1x a week to work on his dynavox and just have a fun time with him...

Though I wish Brian didn't need all of the therapy and sweet weekly visits, he does...so I am SO very thankful to all of his therapist who continue to help him and dad, Mr. Derrell, and stephanie for their weekly visits...not to mention the sacrifice that Brian's parents make to be here at least twice a week to help me with Jacob...my mom and dad who take jacob twice a week while I work...and becca!!! she has given up so much to live with us since Brian's accident and basically be my other half to care for Jacob...again, this wouldn't be my choice, but God has allowed so many to fill in the gaps for Brian Michael while he can't...and now we have EMMIE CLAIRE arriving in 15 days!!! the entire family is helping in everyway...We have a plan  where Sarah gets me to the hospital, Mr. T and Ms. Bev get Brian, Becca has Jacob...then Sarah and Brittney plan to help me in the hospital...Mr. T and Ms. Bev will stay with brian while I am in the hospital...dad will be taking Jacob to school for a bit, becca and Ms. Bev getting Jacob from school...mom staying with me at night while I can't quite move around...Stacie helping watch Emmie Claire during the day!!! And my dear friend Mary Leah is on standby for our plan B if I go into labor early hahaha!!! WHEW...so much help needed!!! it sort of makes my head spin!!! I hate that I need so much help...but I do...and I know it breaks Brian's heart to not be able to do what he feels he should be doing for me and our family but we have to trust that this is God's will for right now...

2/10: as of now this is when Emmie Claire will be here...as I continue to pray for her I continue to pray for Brian...that not only will she bring Brian a joy that he hasn't had in a while... that God will HEAL him...that with this blessing of this baby girl that God would open Brian's eyes...to allow him to see Emmie Claire and Jacob...

I just can not believe it is 2015!!! this past year we found out we were pregnant and moved with in months...looking back to a year ago I never would have imaged all of this...I would trade my home, my car, my job, all of the earthly things we have to have Brian Michael be able to be the daddy he wants to be...but as God has not yet healed Brian, He continues to give us what we need and bless us in so many ways...I pray God will continue to show our family mercy this year...that we will see God move in away that only He can...

As this year begins I want to thank each for continuing to pray with us and for us for the past 8 yrs...please continue to lift us up...praying specifically for God to heal Brian's sight...that He will move in a way that only he can...

Heavenly Father, thank You for the many, many blessings You have given us...I lift up the birth of our Emmie Claire...asking that You protect her from the top of her head to the tips of her little toes...thank You for each of our family members and friends who are so willing to help us...Lord, I ask that You heal Brian in away that only YOU can...touch him Lord...Open his eyes...I ask these things in Your Son's name...


I love you brian...I Love you Daddy

Kimen, Jacob Michael and Emmie Claire

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Elaine Wilson
By Harvey, Elaine and family — last edited
Dear Brian and Kimen,
It was so wonderful to see the CaringBridge email a few moments ago! Thank you Kimen for the update on you, Brian, Jacob and Emmie Claire. What an amazing year 2014 was for you! So much excitement and so much to do. I must say, the neighborhood is just not the same with you gone as well as Tommy and his family.
Christmas is such a great time of the year and what fun everyone in your family had! Jacob is amazing and so glad he got the gift he wanted by figuring out just how to get it. All of the adults in our family do this after the grandchildren have opened their Christmas gifts, and it is always so much fun!
I was almost out of breath reading all that will take place when Emmie Claire is on her way! So wonderful that you have the support, the great family and friends to be there each step of the way. Emmie Claire will be such a joy to all!
Brian, it is really great that you are continuing all the therapy. Not a day goes by that I do not think of you and I will try and do better with emailing. It seems my days rush by! You have been so strong all of these years and have given your all to being well. Life is amazing, we never know what lies ahead in life but we do know that through it all God is always by our side. There seems to be no answers in life as to "why". There is only faith to give us strength and guide us. You are so special and surrounded by so much love. What a huge blessing in life that is.
It was a special treat to see the post from Nancy and Alan Blount. We lived close to Alan when he was growing up and he worked for us for awhile - such wonderful memories of our old neighborhood and the Blount family was a very special part of our life.
I know everyone is excited and waiting for Emmie Claire!
Our love to all.
Harvey, Elaine and family
Nancy Blount
By Nancy Blount
Kimen, thanks for updating us on the past couple of months...such a whirlwind of activity and special times! We are so excited for you guys as you await the arrival of little Emmie Claire! She will be part of such a special family all the way around! We will continue to pray for you guys and especially for Brian's healing and for a settled joy to abide in Brian's heart even as he (and you) struggle with so many things related to his limitations. What a blessing to have so many family members all working together to stand in the gap for you guys as you prepare for the arrival of Emmie Claire! That in itself is a testimony of God's Hand in this!
Blessings to all of you! Kimen and Brian, you will be great parents for Emmie Claire and Jacob Michael!
Love in Christ,
Nancy and Alan Blount
Myra Mansur
By Myra Mansur
Thank you for sharing Kimen...your words bless me. Glad to hear your Emmie Claire is arriving soon...My "grandmother" name is "Emmy" you know MMM aka "Emmy"...
Myra McClure Mansur
Jenifer Armstrong
By Jenifer Armstrong
Love you all so much and cannot wait to get to see you all and your new home this week! We had special prayer for you all today in Sunday School as we often do. You guys have such faith and have touched so many lives. I'm extremely thankful for our friendship!