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Candle Light Service in front of our home:  Sunday, December 21st @ 6pm
16923 Sunset Point Court Baton Rouge, La 70816

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December 21st, 2006  Our lives would change forever.

Brian was headed with his baskeball  team to defend their title in the Barbe Holiday Tournament...on the way to Lake Charles, the van Brian was riding in was struck by a car from the opposite side of the interstate...Brian suffered a traumatic brain injury and would be in a coma for over 4 months...at the time of the accident, brian had been head coach of the woodlwan basketball team for 1 year...had a new born baby boy and had a bright future ahead of him...little did we know how our lives would change...we trust and believe in God's power to heal brian and ask that you continue to stand with us through our journey...

../>Bracelets: www.geauxstrong.com Brian Hess Special Fund Account (Regions Bank)hi everyone....just wanted to thank everyone for all the phone calls and give ya'll a rundown of what happened with brian...the team was traveling to lake charles for basketball tournament sometime around 4pm(dec 21st 2006)...car in oncoming traffic attempted to pass and pushed another car across median...brian's van (jv coach driving. brian passenger. some players in car) hit the car that came across traffic...the passenger of that car was killed instantly...jv coach suffered breaks in his arm and wrist...he is home and fine...one player broke jaw...surgery...home and fine....my brother...not so fine...he had to be cut from the car and has been unconscious ever since...he is intubated(breathing on a ventillator)and is in a coma...bruising on his brain...he has a tube in his head to monitor pressure on the brain...when a healthy person lies down the pressure in your head is about 10-15mmHg...his fluctuates from 22-27...we are trying to keep it below 30 with meds...no surgery yet...hope to hear about 3rd cat scan in the next few minutes (it is 11am now)love you all and please keep him in your thoughts and prayers

Latest Journal Update

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

We just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving...

We went to Aunt Becky's house yesterday to celebrate Thanksgiving on the Hess / Bourg side and then to my parent's house today to celebrate with the Rizzutto/ Tingle side : ) Mr. Tommy flew up to Pennsylvania to visit with his family so Ms. Bev went to Houston today to be with Britt and  Paul and Mr. T will meet her there tomorrow. We miss ole Pop but we are glad he was able to be with his "Mum" and Dad this Thanksgiving...

Today at my parents we had our family devotional as usual and at the end it was asked if we all wanted to mention anything we were thankful for...Hearing the different responses from the little ones was fun!!! We did hear "Thankful for family" but then there was also "money", "sports"...of course things that we ARE thankful for...just sweet to hear the little ones!!! But seriously, today is a day that we usually try and focus on what we are thankful for...but that isn't as easy for all of us I know...I know that things in the world can bog us down and the holidays can be just a reminder of what we don't have...what we have lost...or what "could have been"...I feel like I have written about this before but in thinking about Thanksgiving and all that I have to be thankful for, the main thing I am thankful for is God allowing me to SEE the many blessings I have...you know what I mean? I may be wrong but I feel like we have a choice...a choice to see the blessings or just see all of the negative...for example: One out look: My life was changed at 26yrs old with my husband almost dying in a car accident while Jacob Michael was only 3 mths. old...We had our whole lives ahead of us...we were just beginning...We both had new jobs, new house, new baby!!! we now struggle with our lives with Brian's brain injury and having to have help with pretty much everything...Jacob not having the daddy that Brian would have wanted to be if he wasn't hurt...We should have 3 or 4 children...Brian should be coaching young men, changing their lives...Coaching his son...or sons...Brian struggles physically everyday with things that we don't even think twice about doing...I have to have help from so many people for so much...so many little things that are so different for us...BUT, THIS IS NOT the way we choose to look at things...God chose to spare Brian's life...Jacob HAS his daddy here who loves him so much...yes, things are harder in some ways for us but God has provided our AMAZING families and friends to fill in the gap!!! The sitters God has placed in our lives to help with Brian...I have to depend on others for a lot...but God continues to teach me through that as well...We have an amazing blessing coming February 10th with Emmie Claire that I never would have imagined!!! I just know she will brighten her daddy's life...We are truly so blessed...so many more blessings but I would go on for days if I continued to list them...but the biggest blessing in my life is that God allows me to SEE the blessings...that I am not "blinded" by the "bad things" or circumstances that have changed our lives...We all have things in our lives that we struggle with...and maybe what you have lost or what you are going through is far worse than what we are dealing with...I'm not saying it or wrong for me or for any of you to feel down or sad and even struggle with "why things are this way for you" or "us"...those are all emotions that God gave us...but for us to be able to come back to HIM...knowing that Lord, we may not understand our circumstances and why they have to be the way they are...but to be able to take a deep breath and KNOW that He is still with you...and that He does have blessings for us...it may not in the way we "think" our lives should be...or the "blessings" we think we should receive...But blessings that truly come from Him...

I truly hope you all hear my heart through this journal...that I KNOW there are so many of you out there who have lost far more than we have and are dealing with more...but as today begins the holiday season that I pray even more that God can help us SEE His hand in our lives...no matter what we are dealing with or have lost...

We are SO thankful for each of you who continue to keep up with our family and how Brian is doing...continuing believing with us and praying for Brian's complete healing...specifically praying for his sight...we hope you all can join us for our Annual Candle Light Prayer time for Brian.

                         *************DECEMBER 21st, 6pm in front of our home ***************

                                                  16923 Sunset Point Court

                                      off S. Harrell's Ferry right after St. Jean Vianney

                                                      More directions to come later

Heavenly Father, Thank You for this day...Thank You for allowing me to see the many, many blessings You have given us...Lord,I lift all of us up this holiday season...Lord, that You will remind us that we are here to serve You...that no matter how much we hurt, you are with us...I continue to lift up Brian to You...Lord, if it be Your will...if it could bring glory to You and further Your kingdom, Lord heal him...open his eyes...that he may see Jacob Michael...to see his new baby girl...And all the glory and honor will be given to You...We love you and we praise You...

In Your Son's name...


I love you Daddy...I love you Brian...

Jacob Michael, Emmie Claire and Kimen

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Kim LeBoeuf
We love y'all! And what a beautiful family picture!!! So glad you had such a fabulous holiday!!! You are in our thoughts and prayers as always!!!
Wendy Bookman
By Wendy Bookman
Love y'all! Happy Thanksgiving : )
Elaine Wilson
By Harvey, Elaine and family
Dear Brian and Kimen,
What a joy to receive a journal update on this very special family day! Kimen, all of your messages have come from the heart and are so full of God's love. Even through the times of really struggling, your love for Brian, and God have always been the main prayer throughout your entries. I know your faith has helped me grow and I am sure others too.
We all face challenges throughout life but it is the joys that we remember. And life goes by so quickly. With so much love to welcome little Emmie Claire, your home will be so complete. I love your dedication and constant working to make everything possible available to Brian. So beautiful to watch throughout the years is the love that is always there. What an honor it has been to know you and to have had you as neighbors.
You are both so very special and it is on special days like this that you come to mind throughout the day. We cannot but admire the dedication to each other, to God, to working to make the best life possible. What an awesome role model you have been for what a Christian's life is. Your whole family is surrounded with love and what awesome families you have both grown up with. It has been amazing to hear of the times you have spent with family members.
Thank you for the wonderful family picture!! So precious and so much appreciated. What a truly beautiful family! We can't wait to see pictures of Emmie Claire and it won't be long and she will be here! So much excitement is ahead and a very special Christmas Day in your new home! Thank you, thank you so much for sharing your lives with everyone.

Harvey, Elaine and family