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Brian’s Story

Candle Light Service in front of our home:  Saturday, December 21st @ 6pm
3518 Brookmeade Drive Baton Rouge, La 70816

Please know that all funds are to help with daily necessities & additional therapy not covered by worker's comp. Medical necessities are covered thru WORKMAN'S COMP.

www.brianhess.org for Golf Tournament info


December 21st, 2006  Our lives would change forever.

Brian was headed with his baskeball  team to defend their title in the Barbe Holiday Tournament...on the way to Lake Charles, the van Brian was riding in was struck by a car from the opposite side of the interstate...Brian suffered a traumatic brain injury and would be in a coma for over 4 months...at the time of the accident, brian had been head coach of the woodlwan basketball team for 1 year...had a new born baby boy and had a bright future ahead of him...little did we know how our lives would change...we trust and believe in God's power to heal brian and ask that you continue to stand with us through our journey...

../>Bracelets: www.geauxstrong.com Brian Hess Special Fund Account (Regions Bank)hi everyone....just wanted to thank everyone for all the phone calls and give ya'll a rundown of what happened with brian...the team was traveling to lake charles for basketball tournament sometime around 4pm(dec 21st 2006)...car in oncoming traffic attempted to pass and pushed another car across median...brian's van (jv coach driving. brian passenger. some players in car) hit the car that came across traffic...the passenger of that car was killed instantly...jv coach suffered breaks in his arm and wrist...he is home and fine...one player broke jaw...surgery...home and fine....my brother...not so fine...he had to be cut from the car and has been unconscious ever since...he is intubated(breathing on a ventillator)and is in a coma...bruising on his brain...he has a tube in his head to monitor pressure on the brain...when a healthy person lies down the pressure in your head is about 10-15mmHg...his fluctuates from 22-27...we are trying to keep it below 30 with meds...no surgery yet...hope to hear about 3rd cat scan in the next few minutes (it is 11am now)love you all and please keep him in your thoughts and prayers

Latest Journal Update

We are having a...

Well, as you may be able to tell from the journal picture...we are having a baby GIRL!!! I will try and figure out how to post the video...Jacob Michael was quite comical when he cut the cake and saw PINK : ) It was a very sweet day with our families finding out if we would have a boy or a girl...We are pretty set on a name but once we are sure we will let you guys know : ) We are so thankful for this unexpected blessing...we KNOW God has many things in store for our family...

Brian has pretty much adjusted to his new fall schedule...Brian is doing speech 3x a week and continues the vital stem. We have OT 1x a week but for an hour and we are still hoping to get on with PT...We have had to cut back to 1x a week at calloways for now but are hoping to get back to 2x a week : )  our friend Stephanie usually comes over once a week to visit with Brian and do a little "journaling" himself...and then my dad an Mr. Derrell Hill come over for Bible Study on Thursdays...We are truly blessed to have the therapists, friends and family in our lives who help us on a day to day basis...blessings I thank God for everyday...

We have not moved forward lately with Dr. Z in Chicago but I do have that on my list this week to get moving on...things have been a bit crazy with the news of the baby and trying to sell our home...

We have having an OPEN HOUSE tomorrow (Sunday) from 2-4pm if any of you know someone who may be interested in buying our home...I know God is in control and it will workout just as He plans...I am just ready to get moving and settled : ) RELAX KIMEN RELAX : )

I am not sure if you guys remember but we got a chocolate lab for Jacob in December of 2012...well, let's just say he is now almost 80lbs and thinks I am his chew toy!!! Mr Tommy had suggested a lady who helped train his neighbors dog so when I found out I was pregnant I called her...MONEY WELL SPENT...Beaux is doing AMAZING...he is such a joy now rather than a constant frustration...So thankful for the training...

Jacob Michael is settling in in the 2nd!!! We celebrated his 8th birthday last weekend...He turned 8 on Tuesday, 9/9...I am not sure if I have ever shared the story with you guys...Brian and I went to for my check up on Friday, 9/8...I get on the scale to "weigh in" as we have to do each time and Brian (laughing) says, "you weigh more than Tommy!"  NICE BRIAN!!! NICE : ) it really was pretty funny :) We ended up going into the hospital that day to have little Jacob Michael...well, it took a bit longer...after a LONG day and night of all of our family and friends waiting at the hospital...2 1/2 hours of pushing...we ended up having a section...but Jacob and I were both safe and sound and I was so thankful...oh and he is just SO stinking big now!!! such a special little man...I continue to pray that God grabs hold of his heart and that he will live for Him...

I can't thank you guys enough for continuing to keep up with Brian and our family...your postings, emails and prayers truly mean the world to us...As I am filled with so many different emotions with moving, having this new baby, Jacob getting older, I trust and KNOW that God is leading us...please continue to pray with us for Brian's healing...that God will completly heal Brian...and ALL the glory will be given to Him...

Heavenly Father, thank you for this special day...for the many blessings You have given us...especially this precious new baby girl...Lord, I continue to lift Brian Michael up to You...asking that through YOUR mercy and grace, You will heal him...from the top of his head to the bottom of his feet Lord...Heal him...that he may SEE Jacob Michael and our new baby girl...we ask these things in Your son's name...

I love you Brian...I love you Daddy
Kimen, Jacob Michael and Baby Girl
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Shannon Templet
Congratulations!! I am sure Jacob will be a great big brother and you and Brian look so happy in the picture.
I am keeping ya'll in my prayers.

Ralph & Marion Trouard
By Ralph Trouard
Congratulations on the little one coming into your family. God works in wondrous ways. You all are in my prayers every day and I pray that Brian will one day be healthy enough to see and enjoy his whole family and friends. May Jesus bless you all and may His peace be with you all, especially Brian.
Beverly Jordan
Oh, how exciting gor you all. Jacob will be an awesome big brother. Congrats Hess family.
Wendy Bookman
By Wendy Bookman
So excited about the baby girl! Love y'all!
Todd Brasuell
By Todd Brasuell
Congrats guys! So happy for y'all. I pray that Brian will be able to see his children some day. It is possible.
"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me"
Philippians 4:14
Tamari Hood
By — last edited
Congrats Brian, Kimen & Jacob! So happy for all of you ❤️