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Brian’s Story

Brian Hess Benefit Golf Tournament will be held Monday, October 5th, 2015...Hope you will join us! More details to come soon!

Please know that all funds are to help with daily necessities & additional therapy not covered by worker's comp. Medical necessities are covered thru WORKMAN'S COMP. for Golf Tournament info


December 21st, 2006  Our lives would change forever.

Brian was headed with his baskeball  team to defend their title in the Barbe Holiday Tournament...on the way to Lake Charles, the van Brian was riding in was struck by a car from the opposite side of the interstate...Brian suffered a traumatic brain injury and would be in a coma for over 4 the time of the accident, brian had been head coach of the woodlwan basketball team for 1 year...had a new born baby boy and had a bright future ahead of him...little did we know how our lives would change...we trust and believe in God's power to heal brian and ask that you continue to stand with us through our journey...

../>Bracelets: Brian Hess Special Fund Account (Regions Bank)hi everyone....just wanted to thank everyone for all the phone calls and give ya'll a rundown of what happened with brian...the team was traveling to lake charles for basketball tournament sometime around 4pm(dec 21st 2006) in oncoming traffic attempted to pass and pushed another car across median...brian's van (jv coach driving. brian passenger. some players in car) hit the car that came across traffic...the passenger of that car was killed instantly...jv coach suffered breaks in his arm and wrist...he is home and player broke and brother...not so fine...he had to be cut from the car and has been unconscious ever since...he is intubated(breathing on a ventillator)and is in a coma...bruising on his brain...he has a tube in his head to monitor pressure on the brain...when a healthy person lies down the pressure in your head is about 10-15mmHg...his fluctuates from 22-27...we are trying to keep it below 30 with surgery yet...hope to hear about 3rd cat scan in the next few minutes (it is 11am now)love you all and please keep him in your thoughts and prayers

Latest Journal Update


Wow time is flying by!!! Please forgive me for not updating sooner.
we had a wonderful turnout for Brian's golf tournament. You all may never truly know how much your love and support means to us...we were able to raise a little over $2,000 for Devon, the Southern Football Player who was injured and is now at the Shepherd Center where Brian was...not long after the tournament we had a great opportunity for Brian to be accessed by Dr Svotlona Musgutova!!! She was AMAZING... Our dear friend Karl, who had treated Brian in Monroe, had mentioned her to us a few years ago and things lined up that she was actually holding a conference her in Baton Rouge. At these conferences you have therapists learning, patience getting an intense treatment and then others to be assessed by her. We used some of the tournament money for this and have decided that this type of therapy could be just what God has in store for Brian right now... So the golf tournament was perfect timing to be able to move forward with this. In combination with Brian's speech therapy and Calloway work outs we will start a new home workout. I haven't fully wrapped my brain around all of it but it is a combination of exercises that help stimulate the brain and nerves... Mr Tommy started working on these today as we will try to do hear with Brian once a day... And adding to the exercises as we can... I'm sorry that I am a bit vauge in my explanation but I promise to give more details as I can... Praying for God to use this new method for thank you all who took part in the tournament in some have allowed us to love forward in he direction we feel God is leading us...

In combination with the new method therapy we are starting we are also working on eating better. Brian sees his neurologist once a year to renew his Keppra. Thankfully he has not had one since July of 2007... We discussed with Dr Calegan (who we LOVE) about Brian's depression... He discussed with is his feelings of what we eat and how the food we eat doesn't allow our body to heal and often fogs our brain and can even lead to depression...I have heard before al it of what he was saying but it was always just so hard to eat like this... But honestly, where we have been with Brian's depression... I would try almost anything!!! We started last week and Brian is trying really hard... Praying with this change in diet and the current therapy he is dong and the new exercise program that God will use these for His glory...

With Thanksgiving next week I can't help to mention our sweet little ones who we are so thankful for... Jacob Michael turned 9 in September and Emmie Claire is now 9mths!!! We are so blessed and have so much to be thankful for...I know I have said it before but no matter how hard things are at times, I am so thankful for the many blessings God has given us...and the blessings I know God has instore for us...

11/21/2003- this Saturday Brian and I will have been married 12 yrs. Wow! We had only been married 3 yrs before the accident. CRAZY how time flys... So thankful for he amazing 3 yrs he gave us before the accident, memories I hold on to so hard... So thankful for the precious little boy He gave us before the accident and this amazing little girl who He surprised us with this year...

We do plan to do the Candle Light Prayer Time for Brian... The 21st falls on a Monday so we will more than likely do Sunday, 12/20... But I promise to update soon on that as we would LOVE for all of you to join us...

praying you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving... That no matter what you are going matter what you have matter where you think you should be...just be still, and Thankful. That is what I am trying to do...

please continue to lift Brian up... That God will move in a big way for Brian... Praying specifically for his sight...

Heavenly Father, thank You for the many, many blessings You have given us... For the amazing man You allowed me to marry... And the two precious children you gave us... Please have mercy on us... Show us grace and heal him... Asking that you will touch Brian... Allow him to open his eyes and see. And all the glory and honor will be given to you...we ask these things in Your Son's holy name...

I love you Brian, I love you Daddy
Kimen, Jacob Michael and Emmie Claire

PS- a few new pics uploaded...

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Nancy Blount
By Nancy and Alan Blount
Praying with you all for the Lord to use these new approaches to enhancing Brian's abilities and outlook. Just remember...You guys are overcomers! We love ya'll!
Lea Anne Schroeder
Happy Thanksgiving!!!...And, Happy Anniversary!!!

Glad to hear of the new treatment options for Brian. Praying it serves him well and things go well with the new diet. I probably need to try that diet,too!!!

May God bless you both, those two precious little ones and your extended family and caretakers!

Lea Anne
Jenifer Armstrong
By Jenifer Armstrong
I love you all, and hope to be able to come and visit soon! I am excited about the new exercises for Brian and other options that have become available. God is good, but I know at times we all get discouraged when we cannot see His plan our understand His timing. I struggle with just being still long enough to hear HIM. You all have so inspired me over the last 9 years. Your heart and love for GOD in times of despair is such a light for others. May you feel peace and love during this holiday season. Kiss those sweet babies for me!
Tamari Hood
By Tamari Hood
Happy Thanksgiving Y'all! Your babies are beautiful