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HHS Senior Update

Isn't it funny how we skate along when things are going well?  We forget the little things.  We sometimes slip into a state of unawareness.  Brian was supposed to return to the neurologist last month and I forgot to make the appointment in a timely fashion.  You might say, "he's doing so well" and "he's come a long way" and you would be completely accurate.  

Brian was recently invited to attend the University of Minnesota for school this fall and he is in the process of preparing for admission requirements, applying for scholarships, and he is excited for the transition to adulthood.  Last year at this time, I would never have imagined he would progress to this rite of passage so apparently seamlessly.

Honestly, I am proud of his progress and his efforts.  He continues to work part time at the YMCA and has been successful with PSEO classes at Inver Hills Community College, so far.  His success will largely depend on his personal efforts and I think I speak for all of us adults when I say this is a work in progress for everyone.  Since his is uncertain about selecting a career path, I pray for discernment in choosing a vocation - for Brian, and for all HHS Seniors.

At school he is sampling the C-Print (a voice to print) program and continues to use a microphone for his audiological challenges.  His ears are not going to improve at this point and he needs only to see the audiologist annually now.  

Brian's eyes are still healing, past the one year mark.  He still requires prism lenses but the prescription continues to change and improve.  Isn't this amazing!?  

I believe it's time to close out this page in history and on caringbridge, which has been a therapeutic journaling experience, as our prayers are being answered.  God knows our silent ongoing prayers and our needs.  We just have to ask....

Brian is soon to be 18 on June 23rd.  He would like to have an open house graduation party on June 22nd, 1-4pm.  Anyone who has been reading along and cheering us along are welcome to attend Brian's graduation party and celebration of life.  We have come to cherish the support of friends, family, and community.