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Summer is here for awhile longer...

We are thankful for so much.  I am happy for the summer sun, a garden, and a simple smile from the 17-year old Brian.

He has conquered driver's training as of today.  With his new glasses, adjusted for the double vision and a new prescription, a new FM device from a scholarship at Gillette (courtesy hard work from our audiologist), and from efforts to "relax" behind the wheel, he had all the right tools to get the "green light" on driving again. $$$ though

Brian not only made it through last semester of Junior year, but he was on the A-Honor Roll.  He really earned those grades.  Staff and students alike are much appreciated.

It seems as though we are in a summer play right now.  It's "take 2" on starting over at Inver Hills Community College.  Brian is going to take a few courses online through PSEO and will repeat his attempts at covering HHS course requirements at the same time.  The feeling that we have been here before is strangely and delightfully familiar....progress is still happening in recovery.

Brian's ears remain the same.  He works the hardest at "hearing" everyone, and sometimes that seems to result in headaches.  Headaches might be caused by the brain injury, but hearing is hard work and requires extra focus, so it's difficult to say either one is the root of the problem.

Two really cool things happened as of late.  Brian is employed!  He is working 5-10 hours per week at the YMCA in the children's area.  We are grateful for this employment.  Brian was working closely with a vocational rehabilitation counselor and is getting help with vocational planning, interviewing strategies, and much more.  He recently took an exam called CareerScope to facilitate career placement.  I haven't been able to help Brian much with regard to hearing loss and career choices, but he really wanted to know more about the whole post-secondary planning process, and beyond.  Brian's counselor is awesome.

The other neat thing for Brian's summer is that he will be able to take time to go to Canada with the Ventry's for a summer cabin week.  It's difficult to see him go away for a week, but everyone needs a change of scenery, right?  Passport- check!

Sometimes, Brian's personality peeks through and little by little is returning, along with his dry sense of humor.  He will tell you he has had a near life experience instead of a near death experience.  He feels dead to the old self.  This is the new Brian.  It's not worse or better, but different.  Life is going to be different.  The journey is new.  
I imagine Brian's hearing to be better than mine within the next 20 years.  Right now, there is a 3D printer that can duplicate the cochlear hairs in our ears and replicate sound precisely for perfect, crisp hearing.  If that is something Brian could look forward to, it would be worth the wait.  Technology is our friend (most of the time).

Continued thanks to all who help us on this journey.  
God is good!  

Love, Mom