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Our kids have always been healthy.  Whenever they get sick, I'm patient, don't bug the doctor too much and usually just wait out the virus.  With the exception of three total croup episodes between Brent and Quenten, and a stitches episode involving Brent, there  have never been any serious trips to the hospital.  But when Brent's stomach started hurting and he started running 103 temp that wouldn't go down, I took him to the emergency room on a Sunday afternoon.  I feared appendicitis, but really he was backed up (too much info I realize but bear with me).  After they, ahem, alleviated that problem, he was still in pain.  Fearing that appendicitis is tricky in kids, the doctor ordered a cat scan.  By midnight they had the results.  "We've spotted a mass growing in your son's abdomen.   You need to go see the pediatric oncologist in Springfield in the morning."  My brain exploded at that moment.  I managed to fill a prescription at Walgreen's, fill the tank with gas, and make it home that night.  Brent and I agreed it couldn't be the c-word that night and went to sleep, but both secretly terrified.  The next morning I left the kids with Brent and took little Brent to Springfield. After reviewing his scan and hearing his symptoms of fever and stomach pain and leg pain, the doctor sat me down and said, "I don't have the tests available to do this, but I'm guessing stage 4 neuroblastoma. He's much sicker than you think.  I'm sending you to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis tomorrow morning.  We want to keep him overnight and get his fever down."  I immediately called Brent who left the kids with our friends and rushed up to Springfield.  After a round of antibiotics and tylenol his fever finally broke.  They loaded us up in the ambulence, Brent followed behind in the car, and 6 hours later we were in Memphis.  After rounds of blood work, scans, and raioactive scans, tests revealed stage 4 neuroblastoma.  We are at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.  People all over the world are praying for our little guy.  Many people we know are getting Mohawks to support him (rather than shaving their heads) because he likes to wear a mohawk.  If you join in, please send the picture to my facebook page.  Thanks for your prayers!  We're going to keep hoping in the Lord, and let Him be our strength.


Jill Powers posted a new journal entry, "Thanksgiving "Break"".

This whole round has been one thing after another. While wewere outpatient I wrote about needing to double and triple check everything.Well, on our last day, after being ... Read more

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Brent, everyone in class was so excited to see you last week!  We love hearing all the things you have to share with us!  I pray that your week goes grreeaaaat!!!  AND ... Read more

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I want you all to know that I am praying for you guys DAILY! I think about how you all are doing all the time!Donna Read more

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Prayers for Brent Jr's continued healing & best wishes for God's blessings in 2014! ❤️ Heb 6:19 ⚓️ Read more

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Jill I have been thinking about you guys!  I pray that you  all a peaceful christmas and I pray that Brent jr was well enough to enjoy it!  I love you guys!  Read more

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LB,We are praying for calm days and calm stomachs,along with a calm mom and dad!  :)  We love you BIG, miss all of you bunches, and continue to pray for God to wrap His ... Read more

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Jill,We continue to keep Brent & all of you in our prayers! Thanks for giving us specific things to pray for too. Never feel bad or apologize for advocating for your ... Read more

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Jill,You are in our thoughts every day.  I hope the toy package made it to you.  I have a couple of other things to send.  text me best address for right now and also ... Read more

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Jill, I just prayed as you requested for Brent, Jr.  Having gone through cancer this year with our granddaughter, I am familiar with the anti-nausea and pain meds.  You ... Read more

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