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Brennan’s Story

Brennan was diagosed at the age of 10 months old with stage 4 high risk Neuroblastoma. He fought so well for 10 months.. Feb. 2nd 2012 he was diagnosed with high grade undifferentiated sarcoma.. Currently he's fighting against 2 very aggressive cancers, all before the age of 2.

Please check this site daily for new updates, leave encouraging words for his family and help us pray for this sweet baby.

Latest Journal Update


 It hurts me so much to write this post.

This morning April 25, 2012 at 5:15am Brennan took his last breath.The Lord didnt answer my prayers for me to always keep Brennan, for him to never be taken from me. He did answer my prayers to never have to hear him cry in pain once we went home from hospice.

We were sleeping for just under 2 hours when we woke right before Brennan tookhis last breaths. There was a reason we were woken up and Im so thankful I didn't miss Brennans last moments with us.

I will never be complete, or the same. I feel so empty. Its still so hard believe he is gone. It almost feels like he's just spending time away with his Aunt or something.. It just seems like a bad nightmare. Everyone tells me he's in a better place, and happy now.. but I feel like I am where he should be. There is NO other place Brennan should be, than in my arms tonight. I don't look forward to things returning to normal, blake returning to working nights and having to go to bed alone. I wont have little fingers in mhy hair or a little warm body to sleep with anymore. Im completely heartbroken.