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Brendan’s Story

EVERYONE is encouraged to write a note to Bren via this website.  We will continue to update the site as we hear more from the doctors.  Check the "journal" tab as that is where we'll give everyone updates. 

We appreciate each and everyone's support!  

Brendan Loney & Family 

Latest Journal Update

A Dive Into Life

Stories of stories.  People of people.  Changes of changes.  Nearly five years ago, Brendan was in a diving accident in Northern Minnesota.  Immediately, he was diagnosed as a quadriplegic, being expected to move nothing below his shoulders and having been told he would be living off a ventilator for the rest of his life.  After struggling through multiple set backs, surgeries and complications, he has defied all odds placed before him.  By relying on his family, friends, community and never giving up, Brendan now thrives as a healthy and successful college graduate, newly employed and still living life to the fullest.  To share his story, he founded Live Life, a motivational company designed to inspire all to live life to the fullest, no matter what situation or experience one has had throughout their journey or the adversity they may face.  As Brendan claims "Live Life is not a brand, but a lifestyle."  We only hope that you are inspired to continue your own journey, as his may inspire you.

Please go to and read the first blog.  This will be updated every two weeks as well as posts on Instagram from followers who are living their lives around the world!