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Brandon’s Story

Welcome to our CaringBridge site. We've created it to keep friends and family updated. We appreciate your support, prayers, words of hope, encouragement, and good vibes during this time when it matters most.

Brandon was planning to go to the boundary waters with brothers Jason, Trevor, nephew Axle (7) and friend Drew.  Decided to get checked by his doctor because he kept having pain off and on in lower abdomen and didn't want to have a ruptured appendix in the woods somewhere.  He then had a cat scan that showed a 12 cm mass in abdomen with some touching the outside of the colon.  Then he had a biopsy that confirmed it was cancer.  Very rare for a 26 yr old.  Then he had a pet scan and the Good news is that there is no cancer anywhere else.  ALL the other organs are good along with a healthy blood count.  We went to MN Oncology and due to the complicated surgery, we are now being directed to the MAYO clinic for a consultation this Tuesday 7 am and the best  world team of surgeons will figure this all out.  Brandon is feeling fine, eating great and still working and very positive.  We are all taking this one day at a time and so appreciative of everyones prayers, and overwhelming support -  it helps so much so so much 

Latest Journal Update

Back for further blood clot surgery - A lesson on Arteries 101

Within a week after the March 14 clot removal surgery, Brandon had some mild foot pain. Soon we were back to Mayo Vascular Center for untrasound testing.  I say "soon" because now I can practically drive there in my sleep. We always enjoy the scenery and it was great that the snow was almost melted. Unfortunately the test results showed the blood clotting occlusion was back in the exact places that they just removed. They could not explain why, which was really hard to swallow coming from the Mayo. Brandon was given his options and he chose to have a stent in the main right external iliac artery to help with blood flow to his entire right leg. This should also help with the clot plugged area by his knee because typically a new and different artery starts helping out where there is a plug up. Wow, this reminded us of lizards that can grow a new tail. 

The 3 hour surgery was Tuesday and we had to get up at 3:30 am to be there by 5:45.  Once again Brandon showed courage and strength with his ongoing amazing positive attitude. He is definitely a SUPER HERO. This has in no way been easy.  He stayed in hospital until Thursday.  One of the nights I was able to get Brandon out of the hospital "like a fun grand escape" in a wheel chair over to our hotel across the street to listen to a Blue Grass Band! Before we left we all dined at Victorias Italian Restaurant - our favorite restaurant where we celebrate each little success.  

Brandon will remain on blood thinners as we patiently watch wait and hope for artery healing. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your continued support, thoughts and prayers for Super Hero Brandon.  You have all helped provide continued strength to our family because Brandons Battle is Our Battle. Now everyone go have yourself a Great Day and appreciate your Life!
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Hi Brandon and Nancy,
Glad the 2nd surgery went well also. Gene and I think of you so often and look forward to seeing you in a month when we return home. Hope you'll be healed by then and able to take advantage of some good warm weather after a tough winter. Love to all of the Stroths.
Peggy-Mike Waara
By Peggy and Mike Waara
We prayed for you all, and we will continue to pray. Brandon you are everyone's SUPER HERO. We are so happy that you are celebrating anther success. We love you all!!!
Patty Stroth
By Patty & Chris Stroth
love you all, hang in there. Brandon you are amazing, we continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers