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I realize that I am very very behind on my updates but I'm going to try to catch everyone up!:) The babies were born March 9th not long after my last update. They were exactly 32 weeks and decided it was time to join the world! Lucas was 4lb 4oz, Silas was 3lb 10oz, Maxwell was 3lb 13oz, and Avery was 2lb 9oz. They decided to switch up their order on their journey to meet us. Silas moved from C to B, Maxwell from D to C and Avery decided she wanted to be the little sister! None of them had to be Intubated and they were not on oxygen long either. Maxwell was on it the longest and he required it for only about 10 days. They all did amazing during their NICU stay. The boys came home after 23 days and Avery after 28. Now they are all home and healthy and growing so fast! They are perfect little angels. We have been so lucky with all the help our family and friends have provided us!! Also the babies have already had their first walk, their first trip to SAMs, and their first concert/trip to Hubers to see their "Uncle Dean" play music on the patio:) they get a lot of attention when we go out but they are always very well behaved. We are all SOOOO happy! Hopefully I will do better with the updates from now on!