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New Weights!

The babies are packing on the pounds but they aren't even thinking about trying to come out play. My cervix is completely closed so no babies this week probably, although I am very ready. I think little Avery needsore time to cook because she is about have the size of her brothers. Lucas now weighs 4lb 12oz, Avery 2lb 11oz, Silas 3lb 11oz, and Maxwell 4lb 5oz! That's a lot of baby but poor little Avery is so tiny which apparently is ok for her gestation. There was possibility of c-section this weekend but since the cervix is closed I figured might as well give them more time to grow. Better for them but hard on me. My legs are swollen and my back hurts but in comparison to other stories
I've heard of multiple pregnancies I think Ive been pretty lucky. So I'm trying to tough it out at least another week to give these babies the best outcome possible but Brandon and I are very excited to meet them. He has been cheering me on telling me I'm strong enough to do this along with the support of other family members and amazing friends I think we can make it a little bit longer. Well that's all for now. We will keep everyone posted with possible Sauer quad arrival dates! Thank you for the continued support and prayers!