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Brandon, Lindsay, & Quads’s Story

After a year and a half of trying to get pregnant and many months of taking fertility drugs my husband and I finally got what we had been waiting for, a positive pregnancy test.  We were extremely excited, but also nervous because it seemed almost too good to be true.  After calling our fertility doctor's office to let them know the news, we anxiously awaited out first appointment to confirm a heartbeat.  We had no idea the emotional roller coaster we were about to face.

At our first appointment the doctor confirmed two heartbeats!  We couldn't have been happier, until he told us that there was a third sac with no heartbeat, and if there were in fact three heartbeats when we returned that he suggested us going forward with selective termination to reduce to twins.

The doctor was extremely concerned about the risk of carrying three babies due to the very good chance they would be born premature. The next two weeks were spent bouncing  back and forth between being happy that we were finally pregnant to being extremely nervous that we might be faced with a decision we were not sure we could make.  Finally the day of our appointment arrived and we were in for another surprise.

During the ultrasound the doctor immediately confirmed there were not just three heartbeats, but four!  My husband and I were shocked and scared to death.  Our doctor was just as shocked, because the treatment we went through had a very low risk of conceiving anything more than twins.  He quickly began again to discuss the process of selective termination with us.  We just sat in his office stunned and extremely emotional.  

By the time we left the office we almost felt as though we had no choice but to reduce the pregnancy to twins, so the next few days we spend researching the procedure and researching statistics on quadruplet pregnancies.  Since there is only a short window of time that the reduction can we done safely we went ahead with planning to have the procedure.  We scheduled the appointment and made travel arrangements because there are very few practices that do the procedure, so we would have to travel to Chicago. 

In the meantime we decided that we needed more education about the risks and possible success of trying to carry all four babies.  We made an appointment for a consultation with a local high risk obstetrician.  The first thing we did at that appointment was have another ultrasound.  During this ultrasound we were really able to see the babies and actually hear their little heartbeats!  They all had the exact same heart rate!  Of course we both got emotional and I think we both realized immediately that we could absolutely not go through with the reduction.  They were our babies and we had to give them a chance.

Of course we know there are many risks with carrying four babies, and things are going to be to very difficult, but we feel so happy about the decision we have made.

We are now able to enjoy being pregnant and are looking so forward to meeting our little angels, which we now know are three boys and one girl.  So far we are all healthy and doing great.  We know there are many weeks of bed rest, and possible hospital stays ahead, but we also know it will be 100% worth it.  We just pray everyday for the babies' safely and health.  We are already absolutely in love with our Quadruplets!  

Thank you for reading our story, and following our site.  Our friends and family will be hosting different benefits to help us with our quads. Myself, husband, or friends will keep you updated on what is going on.

Latest Journal Update


I realize that I am very very behind on my updates but I'm going to try to catch everyone up!:) The babies were born March 9th not long after my last update. They were exactly 32 weeks and decided it was time to join the world! Lucas was 4lb 4oz, Silas was 3lb 10oz, Maxwell was 3lb 13oz, and Avery was 2lb 9oz. They decided to switch up their order on their journey to meet us. Silas moved from C to B, Maxwell from D to C and Avery decided she wanted to be the little sister! None of them had to be Intubated and they were not on oxygen long either. Maxwell was on it the longest and he required it for only about 10 days. They all did amazing during their NICU stay. The boys came home after 23 days and Avery after 28. Now they are all home and healthy and growing so fast! They are perfect little angels. We have been so lucky with all the help our family and friends have provided us!! Also the babies have already had their first walk, their first trip to SAMs, and their first concert/trip to Hubers to see their "Uncle Dean" play music on the patio:) they get a lot of attention when we go out but they are always very well behaved. We are all SOOOO happy! Hopefully I will do better with the updates from now on!