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Brandi’s Story

What more precious way to introduce you to Brandi than by using her own words....

"Mom of beautiful Chaselyn and handsome Jacob.
Wife of wonderful husband Stanton.
Daughter of lovely parents.
Sister of siblings I've grown to love (yes it took some growing on my part to learn to love them).
Doctor of Philosophy in Statistics.
Student of life.
Friend of many great people.
Child of God."

Latest Journal Update

One year later...

Hi everyone,

It's hard to believe that it has been over a year since you have heard from us on here.  I know that many of you still have our family in your prayers and I am thankful to God for you every day.  We have had lots of neat changes and answers to prayer to update.

I’ve noticed that milestones, like anniversaries or birthdays, create natural moments for reflection and renewed prayer and that I have let many go by without posting.  At first I felt guilty about letting those go by without posting things from my writing, but I’ve come to realize that that’s just part of the healing process and I’m not supposed to be running to the body in the same way as before.  Sometimes I wanted to write but the emotional intensity was too high for words in that moment.  On others, I just couldn’t practically afford the energy drain of writing.  It was when I realized that most of those times went by because I was busy trying to fulfill my current roles with excellence and pursuing future blessings that I became encouraged rather than despondent over the lack of posts.  I was able to see that real healing has been taking hold and allowing us to “Keep moving forward.”

The reason today gets a post and not the others is that this week has milestones for three different new blessings.

New Career

Today I start my contract on my new position as Mechanical Engineering Lecturer at Baylor.  Last fall I started teaching part time at Baylor as adjunct faculty, and I absolutely loved it.  I adapted quickly to the rewarding challenge and was honored to be selected for a full time position at the end of a lengthy and sanctifying process.  It is an incredible opportunity and couldn’t be a more perfect and providential match for our family.

Requests - Please pray for my energy, wisdom and effectiveness in preparing for three different classes this semester, teaching and ministering to students and serving the other faculty.

New School

Chaselyn is supposed to start school on Tuesday.  Not just day care/pre-K, but actual big girl Kindergarten.  I thought I would be sad about it, but I am happy and excited.  She is super ready and I am proud of her and for her.  I know that she is going to absolutely love it and thrive at Live Oak.  It is a classical Christian school that teaches the way I have wanted her to learn, but only recently knew enough to put a name on it.

Requests - Please pray for Chaselyn to have an amazing year, for Jacob to keep developing and growing in his prep for school, and me to have wisdom in making the right decisions for them.

New Relationship

On Wednesday Kristen and I will have been dating for 9 months.  Over the past year she has gone from being a longtime family friend to a very close and special friend to me and us.  We have all been spending lots of time together having fun, enjoying life and learning to love each other in new and amazing ways.  She is an incredible blessing and I am lucky to have her in my life.

Requests - Please pray for wisdom and discernment for the future, continued growth and even more abundant joy in the time we spend together and with the kids.

Other Requests

Projects - I am only working on a couple of the most important projects from our trial.  One of those is figuring out the best headstone for Brandi’s gravesite.  Please pray for clarity and discernment in completing this quickly.

Discipline – The kids and I have been doing very well in learning about taking care of each other and having proper behavior and attitudes at meal and bed time.  We are now getting into a phase of teaching the best ways to manage our time and that some fun things need to be earned.  Please pray especially for Jacob to adjust and grow in the area of self-control and obedience and for me to have wisdom and patience.  He is an amazing boy with a heart for people and I want to help him be equipped for everything God has in store for him.

Thank you so much for your continued prayers and support for our family.