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  • Written Sep 28, 2009 5:23pm

    I was ready to end this website that helped so many share Brad's final days with us.  It has been almost nine months now since Brad died.  But for some reason I can't quite hit delete yet.  I frequently go this site to see Brad's pictures and to be reminded of a host of friends out there who were touched by Brad's life.  Brad's gravestone was recently erected.  It stands about 9 feet high and is a beautiful tribute to his life.  As a family we journey on, some days are easier than others.  Just thought some of you might like to see the gravestone.  Thanks again for your friendship and support throughout Bradley's life and death.

    Jim, Nancy, and Chase Wilson
  • Written Jan 13, 2009 11:45am

    The funeral home did a fantastic job preparing Bradley. We have never seen him look so at peace. For the first time in a long, long time, I feel the peace of God fully with my soul. We are now ready to celebrate his life.

    Rev. Jim Wilson

  • Written Jan 13, 2009 9:24am

    In a few minutes we will be leaving to go to the funeral home to see Brad in his casket. We bought him a brand new Calvin Klein suit with a black and white tie. His casket is a beautiful cherry wood. Red roses with baby's breath will adorn his casket. Video tributes are being prepared. Nancy, Jim, and Chase have individually written their reflections in letters called "Dear Bradley." They will be read at the funeral service on Wednesday. The choir is singing...the soloist and organist are preparing....people are coming from both far and near. Why?

    To celebrate a life that changed the world. May our tribute to Bradley's life these next two days reflect our faith in Jesus Christ. May all who come see God's mighty handiwork through the life of Bradley Wilson.

    Thank you for your kindness expressed through this website. Notes came from around the world. Visits to the website were counted by the thousands. This has helped us more than you will ever realize. Thank you.

    Now, dear Bradley, rest in peace. I know you will be looking down on us as we celebrate your life. We will feel your touch upon our lives forever. And may your smile that changed the earth, now light up all of heaven for eternity.

    THE END( for us)

    THE BEGINNING (For Bradley)


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