Brad’s Story

Brad was in an auto accident on Sunday evening, Dec 13th.  He was airlifted to HCMC with internal injuries, pelvic fracture and also left femur fracture (protruding through the skin). 

He was in surgery when we arrived at HCMC and got out about 2:30 am on Monday.  They did a hemicolectomy and removed a part of his colon that was lacerated.  The orthopaedic surgeon
said that they did external fixation on his pelvic fracture and leg fracture, basically putting rods in the areas to stabilize.  They also said that he may have other injuries which they did not have time to x-ray because of needing to get him into surgery.  They have cleaned up the open wound on the leg and have put antibiotics in place to clean up any infection.  He will not have surgery on his pelvis and leg for approximately 4 to 7 days.  He is on a ventilator at this point in hopes to remove in the a.m. on Monday.

Please keep him in your prayers.

Mom (Marlene)