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Brad have a much better night after I bored him to sleep telling him to breathe in deep and let out slowly.  I repeated that alot to him and then he finally fell asleep, each time he moved I repeated that to him.  At 11:50pm he was sleeping very well so I went and found a couch to camp on overnight.

The doctors said this morning that he will be having a "filter" put in his vein that leads to his lungs and heart so that it would not allow any clots to cause a problem with his major organs.  I think this is a big precaution especially after what happened with his GI bleed.  He will be having this later today, so I probably will be camping out here again overnight.

He was put into a recliner type of chair that allows him to sit up and let his legs go down.  When I got back to the room I asked him how that felt and he said wierd, I said that at least it would take pressure off his back which he has been so miserable with.

Brad and I have looked at his Get Well cards today, he started to get sleepy so he will look at the well wishes from the caringbridge site that I printed off last Saturday, maybe sometime this afternoon.  I will get the most recent printed for him also as soon as I get some time to do so. 

Please pray that when they put the "filter" in later today that he does not end up back in ICU.  I don't think that will be necessary but things have been crazy enough that i guess we will not rule that out as a possibility.

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas!!