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  • Written Dec 14, 2009 5:28pm

    Brad was resting well around 4pm.  I think we wore him out telling him to be still, breathe deeply.  He is going to get real tired of his family telling him what to do (or should we say helping him).  He has a lot of abdominal pain due to the surgery and his left leg bothers him alot.  He is able to push the button for pain control, good thing it is also controlled via the monitors so he can't get to much. 

    Brandon has posted/or will be posting pictures of his car.  He is so lucky to be alive.

    We were told this afternoon it could be 3 to 4 months before he is able to have weight bearing on his feet.  Rehab will be determined after surgery, possible moving back home with Mom & Dad for additional help down the road.

    We appreciate your prayers for him and us.  With God we will get through this.

    Love you all,

  • Written Dec 14, 2009 1:24pm

    Brad has had the ventilator removed about an hour ago, he is talking to us and asking a lot of questions.  He does not like hearing about how long he may be here.  He tried to pull a fast one when we did a change of visitors he stated we should stay there and he would go.   The doctors are evaluating if he can possibly have surgery on Wednesday for the leg fracture and to possibly work on the pelvic fracture at the same time.  Things change so fast. 

    We will keep updates coming as we know things.

    I will try to get some rest, I haven't pulled an all nighter into the next day for a long time.


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